Monday, January 18, 2010

Liberals To Olympic Champion: Shut Up

Hey, man!  We're, like, man, talkin' 'bout that snowboardin', tokin' Liberal star candidate Ross Rebagliati, man!

*Cough-cough*!  Damn, man, this is some pretty good shee-it!
Mr. Rebagliati is as famous for winning the gold medal for snowboarding in the 1998 Nagano Olympic as he is for testing positive for marijuana, having his gold taken away, and then later reinstated.


So we tried calling Mr. Rebagliati. We spoke to his wife, Alexandra, who also helps him out with media relations. She said the Liberals had emailed her, told her they had been in touch with The Globe and Mail, and that her husband need not add any more. She said he would not be making any comment.

Just to refresh memories: Mr. Rebagliati is the Liberal candidate in the B.C. riding of Okanagan-Coquihalla; he’ll be running against International Trade Minister Stockwell Day, who will not be easy to defeat.

Yep.  The Man in the Snowsuit will try to go up against the Man in the Wetsuit.

Too bad the Snowsuit Dope ain't allowed to talk!

Yep.  The Liberals really know how to pick their candidates.  A tokin' dude standing on a board wearing a snowsuit.

I think that the guy riding the jetski whilst wearing a wetsuit, totally sober, will kick this guy's ass as handily as he's kicked everyone else's.  Except that of the cheatin' Chretien in 2000.

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Anonymous said...

Pooor Garth Turner,if he had only shared his sh** over in Dufferin/Peel,he would have had a lock on his nomination.