Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Brainless Leftist Spotlight: Steve From 'Blues Clues'

That's Steve Burns, former host of "Blues Clues", a kiddie show, in the bunny slippers and sipping a soda with a straw.
He's also been a rock star.
Now he's running anti-Palin propaganda for the Obamacrats.

Story here.

Here we've got a Hollyweirdo serving his Messiah Obama by abusing his talents for immoral, unethical Hard-Left purposes.

Here's how he's now wasting his talent on brainless, factless propaganda/lies/smears/clownish nonsense:

And some criticism from the guy who found that out:

I guess considering what we know about the majority of television stars, rock musicians and the people associated with educational programming, it is not a real surprise (or even a disappointment) to learn that Steve leans to the left politically.  What did come as an enormous disappointment was to discover that he used his incredible communicative talents to gear his political message toward children.  In the video posted above, which he narrates, he joins the ranks of the disingenuous liars who are downright vicious in slamming Sarah Palin and Senator McCain.  And to me, what makes it unforgiveable is that it is presented in the same spirit as his loveable character from “Blue’s Clues.”

Steve, I can enjoy your talent and watch your shows and continue to contribute to your royalty checks despite your politics which border on Palin Derangement Syndrome.  But, you make it very hard for me to continue doing that knowing that you are actively trying to teach my kids more than just the colors and seasons.  Leave my kids out of it.
Just like when Sesame Street was caught bashing FOX News, ain't it?

Beware, parents.  The Hard Left is trying to brainwash your children with political lies.

Wonder how many SorosBucks Steve Burns pocketed for his "work"?


Audrey II said...

Ummm, this video was made more than a year ago. Not exactly "now".

As well, the only place I saw it featured was politically themed websites (not exactly a kiddie audience). Before we fire up the "brainwashing your children" conspiracy theory, might you have some links as to where it was actually marketed to children?

glasnost said...

So Audrey II, do you believe that the little darlings are being exposed to the full gamut of political possibilities as opposed to being “brainwashed” with an ideology that strives for Utopia.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Hmm... come to think of it, perhaps the video isn't necessarily being shown to kids.

Perhaps it's being shown to Leftists. The "Blues Clues" style is perfect for Leftists, too. Keep it simple. Don't bother with proof. Just tell 'em, "Palin's a monster!" and simplistic gobbleddygook like that. They'll eat it right up!

It's a lot like the nonsense the Big Old Media pushes at people via their TV sets when they watch what they believe is supposed to be "news".

Audrey II said...

@glastnost: Actually, I'm questioning the premise that the piece in question was aimed at "the little darlings" in the first place. I think it was a piece of political humour aimed at an audience capable of seeing it for what it was. I don't know what kind of circles that you run in, but I don't know many whose minds are so weak that the above bit of satire could reasonably be claimed to have "brainwashing" potential. Or do we break out the Reynolds' Wrap each time a political cartoon appears in the local paper?

@Canadian Sentinal: Is that as close as we're going to get to a retraction? If you hear "Palin is a monster" then I suggest you have your hearing checked and/or speak to someone about voices in your head. What I saw was a piece that poked fun at Palin's suitability for the office she was running for that was clearly packaged as humour. I'm not certain how anyone could suggest with a straight face that political humour (whether one agrees with it or not) constitutes some sort of "brainwashing" conspiracy, let alone has anything at all to do with the news media.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Nobody here said there was any "brainwashing conspiracy", Aud. Perhaps that was the voice in your head?

Funny how Leftists are always accusing non-Leftists of claiming "conspiracies" when they did no such thing. Dunno where the Lefties come up with that. Gotta be the voices in their heads.

Anyway, ciao...