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Media Ignores Murder Of Gay Man

 The defendant in the homicide case, Bruce Lavallee-Davidson, a gay man and an advocate of same-sex "marriage".  The victim was also a gay advocate of SSM (and was apparently also into S&M, which may have contributed to his death by the defendant).

...because the defendant charged with the murder is a gay advocate of same-sex "marriage".

Oh, my... kind of a "sexy" story, ain't it?  It's got all of these sensational ingredients... would make a helluva movie.

Ah.  The murder of a gay person suddenly becomes not-news just because the suspected murderer is himself a homosexual.  Interesting, that.  You know, if the murderer was a straight person, we'd be hearing a LOT about this.

Obviously the Big Old Media doesn't want to inconvenience the militant homosexual-"marriage" movement with such inconvenient, and terrible, news.  Apparently the Big Old Media considers the agenda of itself and other groups when deciding whether news is "newsworthy" and should be reported at all, or whether it should be reported properly truthfully, without suspicious factual omissions or obfuscations.
The shooting took place at dawn on April 18, but Davidson, a farmer and former school computer chief failed to notify authorities until about 8 p.m, after which officers found Wilson's body in his own basement.

Four days after the incident, Davidson and his partner, Buck, were testifying in favor of legalizing homosexual marriage in Maine, an effort that ultimately failed. The pair proclaimed they "were already married in the eyes of God."
Yeah, riiiight.  Talk about delusion.
According to the Record, which is published by the Civic League, "Despite the sordid nature of the crime, reports published at the time portrayed Wilson and LaVallee-Davidson as innocent as choirboys. To date, there has been no mention in the mainstream press of what actually happened in the basement of Fred Wilson's home in South Portland. Indeed, the mainstream press added to the confusion by reporting that the shooting was 'a kind of Russian Roulette' gone wrong."
Ah.  Protecting the very-special sexual extremist activists, always, no matter what, period.  How Leftist.

Also, via WND...

South Portland Killing Jeopardizes Same Sex Marriage

The victim, Fred Wilson, was a fifty-year old computer specialist from Southern California who lived alone in a spacious, comfortable home near Willard Beach in South Portland. Wilson, LaValle-Davidson, and an unidentified third man, met at Wilson's home the night of Friday, April 18th. Sometime towards morning, Wilson was killed by a single shot to the head from a .44 caliber handgun. LaValle-Davidson waited until 8:00 p.m. on Saturday to call the police, allowing plenty of time for the crime scene to be altered.

The circumstances around the mysterious shooting are still unclear. At the time of the killing, it was reported that the gun used was a .22 caliber pistol, and that none of Wilson's neighbors heard a shot. Prosecutors stated that LaValle-Davidson, a former Technology Coordinator for M.S.A.D. 48, had taken drugs and had been drinking when he deliberately pulled the trigger. According to prosecutors, he did not know the gun was loaded, and for that reason was charged with manslaughter, not murder. Prosecutors also stated that LaVallee-Davidson and Wilson were involved in something like a game of "Russian Roulette."

Oh, gimme a break. Even a mentally-disordered nutcase on drugs can realize that a gun MIGHT be loaded and knows better than to point it at someone and pull the trigger! What, are gay people to be held to a lower standard than straight people when it comes to basic intelligence and common sense? Whatever the answer, it's clear that the defendant is a dangerous man.
In the eyes of their neighbors, Wilson and LaVallee were considered fine, upstanding members of the community. But there may have been a darker side to the events that Friday evening; and a picture is emerging that same sex marriage supporters may be desperate to hide. The RECORD has uncovered a document which shows that the victim, Fred Wilson, was a financial supporter of a museum dedicated to the sexual perversion of sadomasochism. In 2008, Wilson was a Supporting Member of the "Leather Archives and Museum" in Chicago. This naturally leads one to conjecture that the shooting that Friday night was related to sadomasochistic activity that got out of hand. If so, the damage to the carefully-crafted wholesome image of same sex marriage could be enormous.

The RECORD has previously reported on a sadomasochist group in Portland which marches in the annual 'gay pride' parade; and has shown that there is substantial cross-over between mainstream homosexual rights groups and the subculture of perversion.

Oh, of course... we must necessarily say that only a tiny, tiny minority of homosexuals are extremists and a danger to themselves and others... just like we must say so about Islamists.  Kind of an automatic, politically-correct reflex response to be uttered as a matter of course whilst in polite, mixed company.  Gotta say the right thing and not ask questions, beyond and extrapolated from this one incident, about the rest of the grouping to which the players belonged.

You know, if these folks weren't two gay guys, and were rather a man and woman who were devout Christians, you just know that the Big Old Media would be gleefully telling the whole world about it for a long, long, long time, top and bottom of each and every hour, and there'd be lots of fearmongering about Christians in general based on this one incident...  And many Christianophobes would be going around falsely authoratively, with jutted chins, declaring that Christianity was a "mental illness" (actually, this has happened, believe it or not, and a man was substantially discriminated against because of such prejudice) and calling for legislation to further marginalize Christianity and anyone who is Christian...

Isn't it amazing how people look so fine, normal, upstanding and contributory to society, but once out of the Public/Media eye, they transform into something wholly different?

The true story is behind the scenes, not in the spotlight, most of the time.


Anonymous said...

I am a regular reader here but I am posting as anonymous today to protect the identity of my brother, who is gay. Anyway, in a slightly related comment, I would like to say that my brother goes back and forth with his support of SSM. He says yes, then he says no. Recently when I told him of my current tax problems with becoming 'common law' and owing the govt over $5000 from the past 12 months, he changed his tune back to saying maybe it's better that he doesn't have to claim common law or married on his income tax in reference to his gay live-in partner and himself suddenly finding themselves with combined taxation ;) He figured he would be better off financially if he wasn't forced to claim common law or SSM. Which then brought to mind that he has lived with his partner for 4 years now and they don't have to claim Common Law - but I do... since gay marriage is now legal here, why don't they have gay partners treated as common law on the tax books just like straight couples? That's not fair!

Anyway, he is off the fence again about SSM, saying it's just not a necessity that their union be legal in the eyes of the govt because all it might get them is less cash in their pockets lol. But seriously - why does my bro get to be free from common law taxation after 4 years, but I had to pay through the nose after 1 year? Sheesh that's not right!

Canadian Sentinel said...

why don't they have gay partners treated as common law on the tax books just like straight couples? That's not fair!

You're right... that's not fair... the gay community is getting to have a piece of the cake and eat it too, whereas regular folks have to pay a big, fat tax if they want to eat their cake!

Hey, if I'm to have a girlfriend move in with me, what if we make no claim, and only, if asked, say we're roommates? Can we get away with that? After all, the gov't has no business in our bedroom! Does the government discriminate against opposite-sex roomies but not same-sex ones? I've always wondered...

Can of worms. Pandora's Box. That sort of thing. There's a whole lotta bullshit surrounding these issues, and I blame the Hard Left for causing all the trouble! They just gotta be "progressive" no matter how risky the move might be! And look at the mess they've made and refuse to clean up!

Funny... your brother sounds like Michael Ignatieff... can't make up his mind on anything, either!

Some folks can't even make up their mind whether they prefer tacos or sausages!

Canuckguy said...

Attn: Anonymous
This is the last place you should come discussion financial issues. Especially with a gay tinge.

Anyway, regarding your issue, I don't know why you would owe the CRA money simply for declaring your status. If two partners(whether straight or gay) are both employed and each make +$15,000, these is no tax advantage nor disadvantage. If you are talking about no longer qualifying for a GST rebate, well that is chicken feed($92/quarter), hardly near the amount you got dinged with. If you are talking about filing jointly, that is only an advantage if one of the partnership makes less than $10,000.

Now regarding your "posting as anonymous today ". Just so we know you in a way, if you plan to be an occasional commentator, you should chose a 'nome de plume' as I do. My real ID is still private.

Canuckguy said...

I see that Sentinel slipped in his response as I was writing mine.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Well, sorry I beat ya to it, CG. I didn't know you wanted to get in first response.

Canuckguy said...

It's OK, Sentinel. Seems we both have nothing better to do this lazy Saturday afternoon. Just waiting for the snow.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Actually, on my end, the snow's already fallin'. Already tried a little driving and decided to keep it to the bare minimum, so here I am...

Nasty out there!

Canadian Sentinel said...

BTW, "Family Guy" is on... :)

Canuckguy said...

Missed Family Guy.
Watched Catwoman instead.
It was awful but Halle is a treat to watch as Catwoman, so campy.

Monthy Python on later at 10PM.

Canuckguy said...


Canadian Sentinel said...

Damn... I look out the window, and see all the tenants' cars buried in growing snowdrifts... 'tis a real badass blizzard out there. Going to have to shovel a bit tomorrow. Fine mess. Hope it doesn't rain again, though I note that the temp. is rising. .8 deg C right outside my place now. Last year there was ice all over the roads- the city didn't do much of a job sanding/salting for weeks, so it was bizarre and treacherous.

Globull warming, indeed. The whole world's experiencing record cold. India's cold. Britain's getting cold and snow. Yadda, yadda, yadda...

I still contend that the whole thing will, not too long from now, be widely understood to have been a big scam by greedy bastards who corrupted science in favor of a few bucks.

Canadian Sentinel said...

But we're already off-topic. Let's not do that anymore.