Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chinese Prisoners Executed, Sold For Macabre 'Bodies' Exhibitions?

Revealed:  The "plastinated" human bodies used in those infamous, macabre exhibitions we've heard about... they come from China.

Already known:  China executes more people than any other nation on earth, particularly Falun Gong practitioners.  China harvests organs for sale from living, conscious, non-anaesthesized political prisoners, frequently of Falun Gong orientation.

Proof demanded:  
‘We are asking a simple question – “Can you guarantee the bodies are not those of people executed in China?”.


The Mail on Sunday has established that Premier Exhibitions provided the Human Tissue Authority with an affidavit, written in Chinese, which showed the bodies were from China.
No big surprise.  After all, too much stuff comes from China these days.  Much of it is questioned as to the morality and ethics behind its production.

The exhibitors claim that there's no evildoing behind the procurement of the bodies.
A statement from the exhibitors said its suppliers had confirmed all of the bodies and organ specimens in Bodies Revealed came from individuals who chose to donate their bodies to medical science and are ‘deceased from natural causes’.

They said examinations of the specimens found no evidence of physical abuse.
Problem with that is that the "suppliers" are Chinese Communists, who are liars and human butchers.  Such folks cannot be believed, cannot be seen as being credible in their claims.  Would we, after all, believe evil Nazi "doctor" Josef Mengele today if he claimed the bodies he provided for exhibition weren't executed for that purpose?

"No evidence of physical abuse"?  Oh, but of course they're going to say that.  As if they themselves actually investigated for that.  But there wouldn't necessarily be any evidence of "physical abuse" if, indeed, "perfect specimen" (the Communists consider the Falun Gong to be such, as Falun Gong practitioners are extraordinarily healthy and fit due to their lifestyle) prisoners were nabbed off the street for the purpose of simply executing them while they were in "perfect condition".

I'd recommend that all nations ban the exhibition if the bodies are even suspected of being from China or from any country known or suspected to execute and harvest human bodies for their parts without consent.


Jana said...

This man who calls himself the new Michael Angelo is macabre and quite insane and will pay dearly for his disrespect towards the human life. Thanks again CS for you exposure of the persecution of Falun Gong.

A Falun Gong practitioner in New York recognised one of the bodies as being a fellow practitioner in China who went missing some years ago.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Oh, my... how terrible to recognize a friend... like that.

My suspicions were correct. Those Communists are truly scum. Nay, they're much less and worse than scum.

I believe you meant "Michelangelo". The guy's definitely no Michelangelo.

There's no talent in what that guy does. He's no different from Hannibal the Cannibal, who believes he's "sophisticated", too, but is really just evil, like the Communists.

He's no more an "artist" than Mengele was a "doctor".