Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Solidarity President Walesa Came To America. Whither Big Old Media?

Story here. 

Don't bother to look for it on the "news".  Funny how the folks in the "newsrooms" decide what is and isn't "news", isn't it?

Why didn't the Big Old Media think it was news that one of the Cold War's most famous heroes came to visit America and endorse a polticial candidate?

They didn't even think it was newsworthy that Walesa indicated that America is "moving towards socialism"?  How could such a resounding declaration from such an important historical figure, whilst visiting America, possibly not be newsworthy?

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Jen said...

CS, I do not know if you had seen this graph shown by Glenn. Take a look. wait two or three seconds before he show it to you.
He also had a piece on Walsea.
Glenn Beck Show - February 2, 2010 - Pt 4 of 7