Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Millionaire Premier "Can't" Get Healthcare In Canada!

Canada has the "best healthcare system in the world"???

Now we know that that's just a Hard-Left propaganda talking point to scare people away from talking about non-socialist reforms, solutions and alternatives so as to make the access, timeliness, quality and outcomes for everyone better.

The thing is... when your own country can't help you, and you must go to another country, then it's illogical to claim that yours is the "best in the world".

It also doesn't seem that Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams is letting Medicare pay for it, or whether, in fact, he's using his own millions to get the treatment... NOW, rather than perhaps in a couple of years, as I suspect that, surely, it's GOT to be available in Canada, but is just so hard to access and would take too long, so the best solution is to go to America, which, thankfully, doesn't have Obamacare (and hopefully never will!).

If America goes the Obamacare route, then where will folks like Danny Willams go?  Probably, believe it or not... Cuba!  (FYI, there's two systems in Cuba:  One state-of-the-art system for us foreigners with money and for the Communist Elite, and the other, a dilapidated, neglected Fifties relic, is for ordinary Cubans, (and it's not even totally "free", either).  And it's horrifyingly inhuman, not even fit to be a zoo!).

You see, in Canada, the problem with socialism in healthcare is rationing, because annual budgets are fixed and inadequate for helping everyone in time to save their lives.  The problem with rationing is the waiting times.  And don't be lulled by the delusion that serious problems will always be taken care of quickly.  This is NOT true, as I know from firsthand observation.  It's not just about time, but also about number of doctors, specialists, for diagnosis and treatment.  And about facility and equipment quantity and availablity.  It's, in short, NOT WORKING ANYMORE.

Socialism, after all, is not something that's sustainable, and is actually something that's ultimately doomed to fail over and over again, and actually fail to save lives.  But apparently that's something socialists are willing to live with, because, hey, it's all about equality, so who cares if people die needlessly as long as we're all equal, right?  Equality, apparently, is more important than saving lives, as far as socialists are concerned.

Socialist healthcare?  The time to end it is NOW!  Bring in a BALANCED, MODERN, PROGRESSIVE SYSTEM, WITH EMPHASIS ON "BALANCED".

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