Tuesday, September 08, 2009

'Extreme Disquiet' Amongst Lib MPs Re Iggy Election Zeal

Is Michael Ignatieff really leading? Are his followers really following him?


One MP said the mood at the caucus meeting in Sudbury was "near unanimous" against a fall election. Yet, less than an hour after caucus had debated the issue, the Liberal leader emerged to hand down his decision. "We might as well have stayed in bed," said the MP.


"I'm waiting for Mr. Ignatieff to make that case. The cart is before the horse," he said. "We need to provide a compelling road-map."


"How can they sell him on his weakest point -- that he was out of the country for 35 years?" the Liberal asked. "The focus of the ads should be on what he's done in Canada."

They're also complaining that Ignatieff has surrounded himself with "amateur" advisors.

Oh, well, if Iggy wants to lead the Liberal Party into the tar pit, let him.

Canadians don't need an idiot to run their country. If they want to know what Canada might look like a year from now if Iggy becomes PM, all they have to do is watch what's happening in America, led by an idiot named "Obama", as we speak. Oh, and I'd advise them to avoid the Approved Media, as the Approved Media won't tell it like it is, as that's not their raison d'etre anymore, for their agenda is that of whoever's controlling them. I suggest the Drudge Report for starters. Drudge has the inconvenient truth every day.

Canadians don't need an Obama, nor should they want one. But if they vote Ignatieff/Liberal, that's what they'll get. Ah, hell, at least Iggy was born on Canadian soil, even though he's spent the majority of his lifetime elsewhere in the world. But still, who wants for Canada what America's getting right now with the most extreme, most revolutionarily neo-communist regime ever seen in the Free World?

Besides, don't they know that Iggy's a big Bush fan, that he endorsed the Iraq war, and that he approves of, ah, unpleasant-but-effective interrogation tactics (leftists call it "torture")?

Yep. Michael Ignatieff.

The leader of the Liberal Party.

Bush fan. Iraq war supporter. Torture proponent. Believe it or not!

Liberals beware! Leftists beware! He's not one of you!

Wouldn't you really rather vote for Jack Layton and his NDP, all ye "progressives"?

Sound contradictory, what I've said above? Is Iggy both a hardcore lefty socialist and a mean-spirited, hard-right extremist? Or is he one, but not the other, now? Well, quite frankly, I don't have a clue, and neither do you.

Perhaps he doesn't know where he stands, either.

Oh, wait... I keep forgetting. He's a Liberal!