Thursday, September 17, 2009

Now Targeting The 'Minion Media'

It's time to get the Minion Media (ABC, CBC, CBS, CNN) to take notice of and actually make the effort to report the facts about all kinds of things that they're supposed to be reporting on.

Such as the scandals pertaining to the Obama-Democrat Regime.

Like the unvetted, ultra-extremely-left-wing-revolutionary "czars" being appointed by Obama, such czars apparently being chosen for their frighteningly extremist views. Like, for example, just-confirmed-by-the-Senate "Regulatory Czar" Cass Sunstein, who, like the ousted Communist/Racist/Militant Van Jones, wants to redistribute Americans' money to the rest of the world! (More evidence that the whole global-warming/climate change nonsense is indeed an international neo-communist ploy to fool and frighten us all into acquiescing to their hidden international Marxist agenda).

And like the explosive scandal of the obviously-criminally-organized ACORN, which now appears to be, according to the overwhelming evidence garnered from civilian-activist undercover stings,

Taking the leadership role is Rush Limbaugh, whose ratings for his radio talk show skyrocketed to record levels in August.

On his Sept. 14 show, talk show host Rush Limbaugh urged citizens who are frustrated by a media blackout of the nation's growing movement against Obama administration policies to bring their protests to the front doors of major media outlets.

"The media [are] no longer reporters. They are repeaters," Limbaugh said. "There have been hundreds and thousands of protests by conservative groups that haven't been covered, and tiny turnouts by the left that are covered."

He continued, "What about this? We're looking for a force multiplier. Yeah, the protest in Washington on Saturday was great, two million people, but imagine what a force multiplier would be if the next one were held outside of local and national television networks and their headquarters where they can't miss it?"

Limbaugh suggested citizens host tea parties "on or next to the properties housing the TV networks."

"Dare them to cover what is right under their noses!" he said.

The idea: Protest the Regime right where the Minion Media can't possibly credibly claim that they "didn't know" there were protests going on. Hmm... man, that Rushbo is brilliant!

There's a new website up called Can You Hear Us Now? That promotes precisely such protests!

A message on the site's masthead reads:

Culminates outside YOUR left-wing media outlet on October 17th, 2009

Know what?

The frighteningly extreme, wrenchingly-revolutionary agenda of the Regime has awakened a sleeping dragon. And the dragon breathes the overwhelming fires of truth.

And this is one dragon that won't be slain. It's a good-guy dragon who fights the bad-guy collective monster currently attempting to merge America into the international neo-communist apparatus, which is obviously led by the Axis of Evil and the so-called "United Nations" and is supported by the Minion Media, who acts as their propaganda wing, too.

They should have heeded the timeless warning "Don't tread on me".

Since they didn't, and stepped on the dragon's tail, they're soon going to face the consequences.

The People will impose their own "change" on those who are imposing the "change" of the international neo-communist agenda onto the People against their will.