Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Peanut Shows Again What A Leftist Ass He Is


Yep. Jimmy Carter. The Jew-hating, hard-leftwing demagogue.

"Racist tone against Obama"?

Hey, Jimmy-Boy, what do you think of Obama's own racist tone?

And the racist tone of all the folks he's been appointing all over the place? Like Sonia Sotomayor, Van Jones, etc.? How about his infamous reverend friend? How about his paranoid, white-folks-hating Harvard professor buddy? How about... you get the idea. Obama and his folks just exude racism, racism, racism.

Yet you say anyone who dissents from the revolutionary neo-communist extremist agenda of Obama... necessarily "has a racist tone"?

Where do you get off, you dumb poop with the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel tone...?

What's the matter? We can't disagree with Obama's extremist agenda, can't disagree with his racism, his communism, etc... without "having a racist tone"?

What a dumb fool. Sheesh!

Jimmy Carter has a brainless tone!