Thursday, September 24, 2009

Harper Exposes Judeophobia Of 'Progressive' Neo-Communists

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One of the things I'm reflecting upon is how lucky I am to live in a country which believes in religious freedom and whose prime minister, Stephen Harper, is arguably the most outspoken national leader on Earth when it comes to denouncing "Judenhass."

It means "Jew hatred" -- that ancient, malignant disease that has lasted for thousands of years, constantly mutating from century to century, from generation to generation. No, not "anti-Semitism" -- another word derived from the German, but imprecise and inaccurate, because Arabs can be Semites and not all Jews are Semitic.

Rather it's "Judenhass" that best describes not the obsessive hatred of "Semites" or for that matter of "Israel," or "Zionists," but rather, of Jews.

A hatred that, even in an enlightened country like our own, results in more and more synagogues these days hiring off-duty police officers to watch over their congregations during the Jewish High Holidays -- just to be safe.

In that context, Canada's boycott yesterday of the UN General Assembly as it was being addressed by one of the world's leading practitioners of Judenhass -- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad -- is something every Canadian Jew, or at least every Jew free from the disease of self-loathing, should applaud.

Speaking of self-loathing, you know, Jews who have been brainwashed by the neo-communist apparatus into loathing themselves and other Jews for being Jewish (like the very-mentally-disordered neo-communist revolutionary propagandist Noam Chomsky does), we should start a massive information campaign to basically spread the word that it's ok to be Jewish, and that folks who are Jewish ought to be proud of it. At the same time, those who spread hatred and contempt against Jews and Israel shall be marginalized, shall be ignored... as was Ahmadinejad the Jew Hater by Canada and other Free World nations who dared to take a stand, to do the right thing.

I note that the Liberal Party of Canada protested against the Harper Conservatives' taking a stand, doing the right thing, marginalizing the Judenhass-spewing Ahmadinejad. Clearly, the Liberal Party is no friend of Jews, as well as being no friend of Israel, just like the Obamacrat Regime (no wonder there's speculation that Joe Lieberman will run as a Republican, as the Obamacrats obviously don't like him, unable to, due to their debilitating mental disorder of Judenhass).

Isn't it bizarre how those who pompously preach against perceived or imaginary (as well as occasionally real) "homophobia" and "Islamophobia" are themselves guilty of "Christianophobia" and "Judenhass" (I often use the term "Judeophobia")? Folks like many belonging to the Liberals and to the Obamacrats ought to be forced to look into a mirror and be told, "See the hater" (much like, I recall, I had a "Busy Box" as a baby and remember, when opening a little door on it and seeing myself in a mirror, being told by someone in the family, "See the baby!"... yes, I actually, believe it or not, do clearly recall hearing those very words spoken, though I didn't really realize that they meant me!)...

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By the way, I see that Liberal War Room Big-Lies-Monger Warren Kinsella is already fast and furious spreading Big Lies against PM Harper and the Conservatives.

For example, this Twitter post of Warren's, which is defamatory and actionable, as well as totally false and ludicrously illogical.

Can you believe such bullshit? At least we can believe Warren Kinsella said it, because he's the Prince of Darkness, the Piece of Poop from Heck and all that puffin crap.

Harper wants a majority because his party doesn't like minorities.

Oh, really, Warren? Who told you that? The Nazi in the little boys' bathroom? Your good friend and comrade-in-looking-for-imaginary-white-supremacists Richard Warman, who's under investigation for being a "Nazi" himself?

Well, how about this:

Warren Kinsella wants a majority because he hates Chinese-Canadians and accuses them of serving cat meat in their Chinese restaurants!

What a stupid asshole. He's also a hater of JudeoChristians, despite laughably, unbelievably claiming himself "Christian". Warren baby, saying something is so doesn't make it so, eh!