Sunday, September 20, 2009

Inconvenient Truth & Free Speech Liberty Meets Fear, Loathing & Intolerance

Story here.

What is wrong with a man talking about how he went from one lifestyle to another?

Why are folks who practice his former lifestyle so afraid of him talking about his own personal experiences and how he changed? What are they afraid of? He's not hurting them, so why not, as the saying goes, "live & let live", and let the man be who he wants, and let him tell people about himself? Why won't they be tolerant and open-minded? Why are they so closed-minded, phobic and hateful?

How come the same people, who want to shut him up, to ban him from speaking, themselves celebrate, lecture about and promote their lifestyle, and demand every protection for their liberty to speak freely about it while practicing the double standard of saying the other folks can't have the same liberty and protection therefor? Why do they demonize those who leave the lifestyle and talk about it? What do the fear? Inconvenient truth? The realization that their propaganda is slowly being proven to be a big lie by many, many folks who have proven that, yes people can change both ways, not just one way?

Isn't it ironic how those who preach extreme, submissive, unquestioning "tolerance" and demand endorsement for their beliefs and way of life are also the most viciously, hatefully, sometimes even violenly, intolerant, other-peoples'-rights-hating folks when it comes to the inconvenient truth about which Edward Delgado speaks?

The folks in Mr. Delgado's former lifestyle remind me of deaf folks who fear and loathe the very concept of getting an implant that will allow them to hear, either for the first time or again, like they once used to. Well, those folks can do whatever they want. Just like I plan to get an implant myself, hopefully hearing again, just like Rush Limbaugh chose to do. And I would be quite offended if other folks who are deaf were to be as intolerant towards my choice and my talking about it as the folks in Mr. Delgado's former lifestyle are intolerant of his choice, change and free speech thereabout.

They also remind me of fundamentalist Muslims who seek to murder those who leave Islam, including in the Free World, where the state apparati don't take the threat seriously and would rather let the murders happen than protect those in danger of being murdered in the name of Allah. Like in the case of Rifqa Bary, who left Islam and became Christian, and who appears to soon be condemned by the state of Florida to death, ordered to return to the family who now hates her and wants her dead because it's their religion's requirement.

You know, the hypocrisy and double-standard practicing of those who demand their liberties and protection therefore... is nothing short of shameful. They preach "equality" and "non-discrimination" but don't mean it at all, obviously. So as long as they're hypocritical, they're to be dismissed, ignored and marginalized, just as they seek to dismiss, ignore and marginalize Mr. Delgado and many, many other folks who made the same lifestyle change as he did.