Thursday, September 17, 2009

Liberals' Desperation Apparent In Their Propaganda

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ht: Bourque

One throwaway line offered a hint at the attack plan. "Under this government, Canada is becoming a country that dares not speak its name," he said.

This falls in line with other Liberal references that "Reform Conservatives" have values that are somehow unCanadian.

One MP even offended our soldiers with a flyer depicting a tattered Maple Leaf on a rucksack with the words, "We used to wear it abroad with pride."

These tactics aren't new. Paul Martin used them to limited effect when he nudged out a minority win against Harper in 2004. A similar strategy in 2006 held the Conservatives to a minority.


The more Ignatieff attacks the values of the Conservative Party and its supporters, the higher they climb in the polls.

The Conservatives, that is, not the Liberals, go higher in the polls the more the Liberals attack them with pure, unadulterated attack propaganda.

Hmm. Makes me think that the propaganda must be in the form of clownish attack talking points given to Liberals by War Room director, the disgraced, no-credibility, no-integrity Warren "Catmeat" Kinsella. Apparently Kinsella's acumen is so crappy that he's just recycling old, ineffective Paul Martin bullshit. Remember the "soldiers with guns in the streets" big-lie ads?

It would also appear that more and more Canadians, like more and more Americans, have wisened up to the propaganda, realizing they're being fed pure bullshit not only by the Liberals and other leftists, but also by the Liberal-left-biased Big Old Media.

The Left thought it could bullshit the People forever. They didn't count on the People, one by one, ripping out their imposed connections to the Big Media Propaganda Matrix and learning to think for themselves!