Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ACORNie Boasts 'I Shot Him Dead!': Premeditated 'Self Defence'?

Don't expect the CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Toronto Star, etc. to tell your about stuff like this, for they don't want to hurt the Left, including the Democratic Party (which I now consider the de-facto American Communist Party) and Obama.

Alinsky Rule For Radicals Number 8: Keep the pressure on. Never let up.

Ok. We'll use that rule against the radicals themselves, giving them a taste of their own medicine.

Look at this frightening Left-wing extremist woman in the video, talking about murdering her husband. She's proud of it, proud of the premeditation, and brags that she's got no problem killing people.

So we have these ultra-extreme Left-wing ACORNies being caught for vote fraud, tax fraud, child prostitution and even murder. What's next? What could be worse? They're as bad as can be.

Shit... this continuing, expanding, explosive scandal engulfing the Left's terrorist wing is so.... sssensationally sssexxxy. How come the Approved Media won't talk about it? They'd get ratings and sell papers, for sure. Oh, right. They're not about making money anymore- they're now the Propaganda Wing of the de-facto American Communist Party, so anything inconvenient to the Democrats and/or Obama, they won't talk about.

In line with Alinsky's Rule Number 8, I'll again post the picture of Obama from when he was an ACORNie himself (he has ACORN and their vote-fraudsters to thank for helping get him elected):

Story here. Emphasis mine.

She also boasts of her influence with area politicians, including Sen. Barbara Boxer, and tells the undercover operatives they can run their business the way they want.

"It's about how you want it to be run. You can mold it into the level of decency or indecency (you want)," she said.

There's also nothing wrong with using the ill-gotten gains to run a political campaign, as the operatives have portrayed, she said.

"Do you think that even Obama, our new president, or any of them actually put down every single resource where they got their money?" she said.

Well, just watch the whole video above. This is EXPLOSIVELY SCANDALOUS!

But don't go to the Approved Media to get information about it. They're covering it up.

But FOX News and the New Media (online) are all over it.

I think there's no doubt anymore as to where to get our news, whom to trust to be fair and balanced. FOX News, Breitbart, World Net Daily, and on and on and on...