Saturday, September 26, 2009

Built On Mountains Of Corpses: Communist China At 60

A Chinese Communist military official.
Note the Satanic orientation of the red star above him.

Conrad Black may have been wrongly convicted by an astonishingly stupid jury on trumped-up, unproven bullshit charges and (temporarily, thank goodness) imprisoned for a while now, but his nasty neo-communist enemies failed to break his spirit or shut him up.

Lord Black continues to write for the paper he founded and built, the National Post.

His latest article deals with China on the eve of its 60th anniversary as a murderous communist tyranny.

The neo-communist left may argue that China has proven that socialism "works", gushing about the positive-seeming propaganda they see (which is designed to fool the outside world into thinking that things are pretty good in China under Communist Party rule, but the propaganda couldn't be any further removed from the truth), babbling about the admirable equality they believe there is in the exotic, ancient, mysterious big nation.

The Big Media of the Free World also spews propaganda, lying to the world about how great and non-threatening China is supposed to be, whilst covering up the horrendous human rights abuses, including a continuing holocaust against the Falun Gong People in which they're tortured, imprisoned and have their organs harvested while still alive.

The Big Media also won't tell us about all the Communist Party spies (in Canada, there's an estimated thousand of them) who walk amongst us, blending into the general population, spreading lies and hate and targeting other Chinese for propagandic indoctrination. Not to mention the industrial and military espionage we know has been and no doubt is still happening.

Some highlights for the neo-communist left to absorb:

There are still at least 800 million Chinese peasants who live much as they did thousands of years ago. There is a population control plan that will raise the average age by one year every two years for at least two decades, and reduce the worker-to-retiree ratio from 3-to-1 to 2-to-1 in the next 20 years. There are acute shortages of land and water, and most social services. Government spending on health and education has declined from 25% to 35% in 20 years. The private sector has taken up a lot of this, but about half the population receives no medical care at all. The percentage of middle school students going on to high school has actually declined by a third in the last 20 years.

Gross inequality, massive, widespread poverty, shortages of important stuff, declining spending on social programs, half of Chinese without any medical care at all, increasing rates of school dropout... Yep, China proves that socialism works and that the Free World should be doing what they do, precisely as Obama is doing in America as we speak!

The state still owns the country's banks, natural resources, heavy industry and telecommunications, and controls about 35% of all production. Ecological damage is very serious and costly, affecting three quarters of the country's water courses and most of its air. Distinguished China specialist James Fallows reckons that China suffers 250 deaths in mining accidents every day. Corruption and arbitrariness in government are pandemic. The state has liberalized, but within limits that were dramatically underlined by the needless massacre in Tianenmen Square 20 years ago (the crowd could have been dispersed bloodlessly with fire hoses and rubber bullets, as they would have been in Western capitals).

Nationalized, centrally-controlled industries, just like Obama is making happen in America as we speak. Massive environmental destruction, against which the neo-communists of the Free World rail and blame their own countries for doing, albeit nowhere near the scale of that of China and other totalitarian regimes. No worker safety, hundreds of daily deaths in mining alone. Deadly prohibition of unapproved civilian expression.

Despite all this, Barack Hussein Obama, a known communist revolutionary and the supposed President of the United States, praises China's supposed superiority as a nation:

So what if they've got impressive "systems" of public works and transportation infrastructure and technology? What about human rights, Mr. Obama? What say you? I can't hear you! Are you even paying lip service (other than the kind you do when you bow or kneel before those tyrants whom you so admire and apparently wanna be like)? Besides, the Third Reich, with Hitler and the Nazis and the Holocaust and World War Two and all that, had a very impressive thing going, too. But they certainly didn't give a gosh-darn about human rights, nor about equality, obviously, either. And I have yet to be convinced that you're really any better, ultimately, seeing all the frightening "czars" you appoint, such "czars", in their exposed-by-the-New-Media-whom-you-want-to-silence writings and speeches, hardly demonstrating any apparent commitment to human rights, themselves.

Yep. Sixty years of Communist rule in China, and they're really no further along as a nation, notwithstanding the technological sophistication and awesome economic growth. I wish the leftists and Big Media of the Free World would look beneath the surface, venture beyond where they're allowed to go, and see the real China for themselves. When most of the people live in the olden days, starving, penniless, without any public services at all, despite the incredible wealth of the nation, you just know that it's not working. After all, you see, absolute power corrupts absolutely, and as the only way to continuously keep socialism going anywhere is to abuse the power, to become criminally corrupt, to discriminate, to tyrannize, to oppress, to lie, to murder... and this makes one wonder about the hidden agenda of the neo-communists in the Free World (like the Obamacrats in America): How far will they go to impose their revolutionary neo-communist agenda?

Yes, I urge leftists to open their minds and look beneath the propaganda-created surface to the real China. One good place to start is here. Of special note is this article, which evidences the Chinese Communists' global network of operatives and the worldwide influence and interference it wields. We can see the hate and violence the Communists export, taking advantage of liberal immigration and civil rights systems of the Free World for sinister purposes. Obviously the Falun Gong People are seen by the Communists as some kind of threat to the Party's survival, despite that fact that Falun Gong People are peaceful, kind, honest and tolerant. Somehow the Communist Party's phobia with respect to and loathing of the Falun Gong People, not to mention the torturous, murderous treatment meted out to them, evokes the paranoid Judenhass of the Third Reich and the Holocaust, which shouldn't be a big surprise, as those national socialists are essentially all the same, sharing the same fundamental mental disorders and mean-spiritedness, if one looks past petty differences such as geography and the way they look. And we're letting the Communists export the hatred and violence to our own countries. And the neo-communist-controlled Big Media refuses to tell us. And one shouldn't be surprised to find out one day that the Communists hate and persecute gays and Muslims, too, such bigotry supposedly being something the Free World neo-communists consider abhorrent, as they certainly seem to, when it happens in the Free World, though not with respect to the Non-Free World.

ust like they can, right now, discover the real Cuba, another communist dictatorship that has failed miserably to live up to the grandoise promises made by The Communist Manifesto. The link takes you to the main page, where there's a blog. On top are links to parts of the website which expose the real Cuba, including the truth about its supposedly great healthcare system, which is actually two-tier and the good stuff is only available to tourists and other visitors, whilst Cubans themselves, other than the elites, are forbidden to go there and must go to, ah, horrific, filthy, run-down places where they often just end up lying on shockingly filthy old beds and dying, either untreated or badly treated. And then there's the brutal, police-state racism against Black Cubans, the devastating poverty, the utter lack of human rights, the torture, the murder... Yep, socialism is a pathway to egalitarian paradise, all right!