Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Obama, Terrorism, Lies & Videotape

Bill Ayers, Obama, Rashid Khalidi... oh, my!

The L.A. Times has the dirt on Obama, but refuses to let us see it, much like Obama refuses to let us see his birth certificate.

JERUSALEM – The Los Angeles Times has no plan to ever release a video it stated it obtained of President Obama attending an anti-Israel event in which he delivered a glowing testimonial for Rashid Khalidi, a pro-Palestinian professor who excuses terrorism.

At the 2003 event, poetry reportedly was read comparing Israelis to Osama bin Laden and accusing the Jewish state of terrorism.

"The story ran in 2008 and we pretty much said everything we are going to say about that event," Peter Wallsten, the Times reporter who claimed to have obtained the video, told WND yesterday.

Asked for details of the footage captured in the video, Wallsten replied, "I wrote an extensive article that described the event."

Wallsten referred to a previous statement from the newspaper's editor, Russ Stanton, explaining, "The Los Angeles Times did not publish the videotape because it was provided to us by a confidential source who did so on the condition that we not release it."

The cover-up of the damning videotape may very well have facilitated Obama's election.

If it had been a tape of John McCain (or Sarah Palin) and some baddies the Left loves to hate, does one believe that the L.A. Times wouldn't have released the tape even though the source said not to? I mean, since when does the Big Old Approved NewsMedia have scruples?

According to WND, Obama and Khalidi were friends at the university where they both worked.

Much more... read on.

Yup. Obama's been pallin' around... Shhhh! Must not say anything... must protect Him at all costs...

By the way, I just stumbled upon the following picture of Obama's terrorist buddy Bill Ayers and fellow terrorist Bernardine Dohrn pallin' around with Obama's racist, Judeophobic, anti-Israel, anti-American buddy and pastor of twenty years, Jeremy "God Damn America" Wright...

Say... what's with the duct tape Ayers's fellow terrorist Bernardine's holding? Plotting something sinister? And how come the "Reverend" doesn't look too happy to see Mr. Ayers? Oh, right... almost forgot... he hates honkies!

Connecting the dots......


(You know, ACORN, the militant, supposedly "helping poor folks" -the 'helping the poor' thing is just a clever, deceptive front, like when terrorists pretend to operate a charity or to run a supposed Muslim-rights-defending organization to launder money for terrorism- criminal organization recently exposed as promoting illegal-alien child prostitution and defrauding the IRS as a way to make dirty money to further their agenda of getting radical leftwing extremists like Obama elected)

ACORN tactics exposed in abandoned documents (ht: Big Government)

OKLAHOMA CITY – Rep. Mike Reynolds, R-Oklahoma City, said Wednesday he combed through documents from an abandoned local ACORN office because of reports of impropriety at other organization chapters. Oklahoma City-based news and investigative website Red Dirt Report discovered documents in an abandoned local office of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now in south Oklahoma City’s “Little Mexico” neighborhood.

Investigators found computers, hard drives, documents, registration forms, I-9 employment information and boxes with return addresses to ACORN’s New Orleans home office, as well as a regional IRS office last October.


Those internal documents include a sheet titled “Canvass recruitment rap,” a “script,” directed towards ACORN activists in Houston which says: “Hi, my name is ____. We are hiring Outreach Workers to remind people to get out and vote for Barack Obama in the upcoming election. One of our team members spoke to you today and you signed up for our intake tomorrow. You are interested in working with us on this important election, correct?”

It continues: “We’re hiring for people to go door to door talking to registered voters in Houston to get out the vote for Barack.”


Reynolds said he will continue to investigate what ACORN is doing, and is “carefully contemplating” his next step. Reynolds said he is adamant that ACORN was trying to create chaos and ultimately win.

“I believe the ACORN documents show that they had political motives for manipulating elections in both Oklahoma and the United States,” Reynolds said.