Friday, September 25, 2009

Poll Indicates Consensus: Big, Old News Media Biased, Untrustworthy

Story here.

This is one poll you won't see in the Big Media, as they aren't going to render constructive criticism against themselves.

( – Two-thirds (67.9 percent) of Americans surveyed think that “objective and fair journalism is dead,” while an overwhelming 89.3 percent believe the news media played a role in the election of President Barack Obama.

Kind of surprising that many of those who admit they realize this still support Obama, as evident from the numbers we've seen in polls of his approval/disapproval, even though those numbers are steadily dropping like a stone. Inexplicable. And suggestive that there's lots of surprisingly honest & candid, if only while anonymous, neo-communist ideologues who not only are aware of the way the Big Media is biased hard-leftwards, but they also approve of it, approve of using the Big Media to cheat, to subvert democracy, to advance the neo-communist agenda...

That is what a poll conducted earlier this month by the Sacred Heart University Polling Institute showed. The survey, “Trust and Satisfaction with the National News Media,” polled 800 people nationwide and revealed that only 24.3 percent of Americans believe all or most reporting.

I actually know some people who, as it's the way they're conditioned, seem to trust the Big Media unconditionally, and who, for some reason, cannot begin to accept that the Big Media is corrupt, what with its having been systemically infiltrated and transformed by neo-communist ideologues and other radical special-interest-affiliated "journalists" over many decades...

The poll also showed that over half of Americans – 56.4 percent – think the media are promoting the Democratic health care reform package without objective criticism, while 57.6 percent of those surveyed believed the news media tried to diminish the record of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee.

Ultimately, 86.6 percent of the people surveyed think that journalists strongly or somewhat have their own political and public policy positions and attempt to influence public opinion.

Obviously, more and more of the People are awakening to the reality that they're being fed loads and loads of heavily-processed, deceptively-packaged bullshit by those who claim to be "informing" them as to what's going on in the world.