Monday, September 21, 2009

CP/CTV's Latest Smear Piece Against The Conservatives

"Because truth is a subjective term and "facts" are what you make them".

Uncalled-for Partisan Attack "report" here.

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Manipulative Attack Headline: Tories spend 5 times more on economy ads than H1N1 ads

Of course, this is a Canadian Press article, but the CTV happily uses it, which they don't have to use, showing either its laziness in making a scrupulous determination of whether something's worthy of being repeated, of its bias against the Conservatives and insistence on helping the Liberals. Whoever decided to run this CP "report" is responsible.

Overall, the "report" is ludicrously, unprofessionally, uselessly simplistic and one-sided against the Conservatives and Left-wing in tone. Talk about unfair and unbalanced.

And the comments under the story are telling as to the People's having wised up to the Big Media's biased agenda.

This paragraph in the "report" is a dead giveaway as to the biased agenda therof:

And that's once again raising a long-standing question: when does government advertising cross the line into partisan boosterism?

Ah. Therein lies the nature of the attack, in the form of a question designed to subconsciously cause lazy-minded readers to think nasty things about the Conservatives!

Reader comments:



What kind of reporting is this, if not irresponsible, biased, and misleading?? I am not a partisan by any measure, but I smell some awfully biased and yellow journalism here. Canadians are extremely worries about the economy, as they should be, and I see nothing wrong with a government reassuring it's citizens that they are cognizant of the issue and are taking steps to guide the economy through a rough patch. They economic has also been around for a lot longer than the H1N1 issue has, so it's only natural that they've had more time to spend money on ads relating to the economy. Additionally, much of the efforts being taken to raise awareness of the flu pandemic is being taken by local health authorities and the provinces - you know, the authorities that actually are IN CHARGE of public health care delivery? Health care is a provincial responsibility, not a federal one, and the 'journalists' who wrote this article should know this.

This is the most blatant case of outright yellow journalism I have seen in quite some time. Is CTV suggesting that the evil prime minister doesn't care if our children get sick? It's a cheap headline at it's best and a case of shoddy journalism at it's worst. We expect better, CTV.


Yet another biased and cheap article from the Canadian Press...I knew there was a reason I stopped reading their articles.

BM in LA

So what if this H1N1 turns into a Y2K-type of hype but no consequence situation? I hope it does. People die from the flu every day but this could be nasty. Economic times that are the worst in my lifetime need addressing too. Public confidence and positive reinforcement is crucial to this turnaround. Other than making people aware of the risks and providing that information in an accessible manner will be critical to limiting the effects of the H1N1 strain.

I am sure that all politicians would agree to both of these points.

My question is are we really that desperate for some kind of political story that we need to link these two very different issues with some type of political context?


Fuzzy math at its worst. One could say that we 1 million times more on defence than H1N1. You are scraping the barrel for news.

Of course, there are obviously Liberal operatives (wonder how many of 'em are one person, perhaps a nasty little old chap named "War Room Warren", cleverly using many aliases and other tactics to look like different folks?) on the comments thread, and they're not as reasonable as the above commentors and sound even more partisan than the CP-CTV article itself.

If I did a post like this about the Obama-Democrat Regime, using such "fuzzy math" for the purpose of manipulating swing voters into voting against the Regime, it'd be obvious and the Left would get all wee-wee'd up and call me out on it.

Sir Kitty concurs with my analysis, rendering, in his own words, his take on the same crappy reporting by the CP/CTV.

Now, for a telling contrast, here's the CTV's report on Obama's pushing his Obamacare bullshit bill that Americans obviously don't want, that would lead to rationing, discrimination and the deaths of many, many more people than ever before. I note that it's written by "CTV News Staff" with files from the Associated Press. Ah, the AP. The AP, who owes George Soros, Obama's puppetmaster, a debt of gratitude for letting them use, for free, "information" from a number of Soros-funded hard-left groups!

Obama, who has given numerous interviews and press conferences since taking office in January, sat down with ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and the Hispanic network Univision on Friday to pre-tape interviews for the Sunday public affairs programs.

Hmm. NOT FOX News. I wonder why? Because they'd call him out on his lies and he knows it, so he won't go to the only fair and balanced, only trusted-by-most-Americans network!

Why doesn't the AP and CTV criticize Obama's partisan snake-oil sales push?

Well, duh! 'Cause he's Obama, the figurehead of the neo-communist apparatus and chief salesman of The Agenda, which is obviously supported by the AP/CP/CTV et al.

The article is blatantly one-sided, pro-Obama, never criticizes his lies and manipulation, etc...

It's obvious that the AP and CTV have no idea what they're talking about when it comes to Obamacare, and that they trust Obama unconditionally, and don't bother to investigate, don't bother to read and understand the legislation and report on suspicious language that would raise trepidations and suggest a hidden agenda and loopholes that would lead to dangerous, frightening things with respect to healthcare in the long run. Again, they're uncurious and don't give a shit. They're content to be misled by the Snake Oil Salesman with the Silver Forked Tongue. It's a worthless, trashy report smacking of partisan-left boosterism/cheerleading.

What a stark contrast to the attack report against the Conservatives, with manipulative fuzzy math and with

Interesting that comments are closed on that article... It would be interesting to see reader reaction to that Obama-worshipping piece.

You know, the Approved Fringe Media (like the AP, CP and the Leftist outlets), including, apparently, the CTV, unfortunately, only continue to prove their worthlessness relative to the real, serious news sources you can find linked on my sidebar.

Is it any wonder that the Approved Fringe Media is in the toilet already, with the flush swirl already beginning? That is, they're losing money big-time, as well as their audience, because of the worthless, biased, unfair, unbalanced, stinking crap they keep pushing and spewing out...

Is it any wonder that FOX News massively, overwhelmingly dominates the TV news? And that news consumers are massively turning both to FOX News and the internet, and to sources such as World Net Daily, NewsMax, CNS News, the Drudge Report, Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh, Small Dead Animals, Glenn Beck, Front Page, Breitbart, etc, etc...?

Little sidebar, incidentally, a thought that just popped into my head:

As for the future of newspapers, perhaps they need to focus exclusively on hard, facts-only-and-nothing-but news, do away with the irrelevant fluff like sports, celebrity gossip, etc., and downsize appropriately. After all, what serious news consumers really want is just the facts, please! Lazy-minded folks who like to be seen pretending to be serious news consumers can stick with the likes of the New York Times, the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail and the Telegraph Journal whilst, unseen to others, skipping the serious news and going to the comics section and the Paris Hilton/Britney Spears/Lindsay Lohan/Michael Jackson/Megan Fox/etc. fluff-gossip sections...

By the way, check out the blatant bias of "US" magazine:

How can such contrasting negative-positive examples possibly not influence voter perception?