Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Evil State Building

Some idiots thought it'd be a great idea to celebrate China's Maoist revolution by using red lights to illuminate the Empire State Building at night.

Bad idea. Why?

"China gets treatment that other dictatorships can only dream of — a free pass on human rights," said Arthur Waldron, a history professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

The revolution and its aftermath may have been deadlier than any world war: though estimates vary, research from the historian Chang Jung shows that as many as 72 million people died as a result.

During one five-year period alone, the Great Famine of 1958-1962, 36 million Chinese are believed to have starved as a result of Mao's Great Leap Forward, a government policy meant to industrialize the nation.

During those years of ruin, peasants ate bark, maggots, bird droppings, human flesh — anything to survive — as government storehouses stood full with grain and other cereals, neither the first nor last in China's troubled line of violations of human rights.

Today it's not much better, notwithstanding the carefully-presented positive imagery we see in the media. Behind the modern facade lies a China in which most Chinese still live in incredible poverty despite the incredible, actually obscene, wealth of the torturously, murderously intolerant totalitarian nation utterly devoid of any human rights whatsoever, because of the selfishness and evilness of the ruling Chinese Communist Party. The CCP is no better than the Nazi Party under Hitler, and may very well one day attempt to take over at least part of the world by force, as evidenced in its breakneck pace of and massive investment in building as much military destructive power as possible.