Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Liberals 'Doing Worse Than Polls Say'

...says Mr. Beer & Popcorn, Liberal nastyman Scott Reid.

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You can feel the gloom on Parliament Hill, with Liberal staffers and politicians making black jokes and grimacing at their falling fortunes.
"Grimacing at their falling..." No problem- there's always those little blue pills, guys...
Scott Reid, who was director of communications for former prime minister Paul Martin, said the Liberals are actually doing worse than the polls show.
The problem is that Liberal support among those likeliest to vote is soft, while Tory support is strong.
Yup. Voters who might otherwise vote Liberal (if they could justify casting a vote for those hopeless, bumbling bums) would probably just stay home and have beer & popcorn.
"Disparate groups... disparate visions; deep (disagreements) about basic philosophical things" -Mike Duffy
That's it... that's the fundamental problem of the Liberal Party... trying to be everything to everyone, trying to force the lunatic extremes together and ending up creating mushroom clouds. Much harder than the Conservatives have it, because there's actually no "extremists" in the Conservative Party, because conservatism is about moderation, about what works and is workable, about common sense, about knowing and respecting limitations, about not believing in impossible, crazy, dangerous nonsense, about respect for reality, logic, realism. Conservatives are prudent as opposed to foolish like Liberals. Liberals want to push big, risky, harebrained experiments of all sorts (and we know how they usually massively screw things up because of this, because they're always being over-optimistic, over-promising and biting off far more than can possibly be chewed... just look at how badly it's working out right now with the Liberals' hard-left fellow travellers, the Obamacrat Regime in America).

The Liberal Party is simply unworkable the way it's currently constituted. The only way they'll ever get into power, given this crippling design defect, again is via dumb luck and dirty tricks, as always.

Also: Stuck With The Fallout

MONTREAL - Federal Liberals were left grappling with the fallout Tuesday from a nuclear performance by Denis Coderre, who quit his post as the party's Quebec lieutenant in spectacular fashion a day earlier.

The potential damage caused by Coderre's parting shot - his claim that the Liberal party is run by Torontonians - became obvious when the three other parties gleefully announced their plans to use the comments to bash the Liberals in the next election.
As if we didn't already know that they were really a Toronto Party masquerading as a Canadian federal party.

Folks, what has just happened is that Dennis Coderre has stuck a long knife into Iggy's electability and leadership future... and the Liberals' political rivals are going to be wiggling it mercilessly. For example...

One Bloc Quebecois official said there were actually "high fives" in the office when staff heard Coderre's comments. He said the message fits precisely the theme the sovereigntist party has been trying to hammer home: that Michael Ignatieff's supposed openness to Quebec is phony.

Ah, the Liberal Party itself is phony anyway.

Shades of the Bouchard Betrayal that Begat the Bloc

Five members of the party executive in Quebec followed Coderre out the door, and supporters are now talking about boycotting a weekend assembly of Liberals in Quebec City.

A Montreal-area fundraiser Tuesday night required a last-minute facelift. It was originally dubbed the "Lieutenant's Cocktail" - but it clearly required a name change since the party no longer had a Quebec lieutenant.

Could this be the start of a real breakup of the Liberal Party, with Dennis Coderre leading another... Bloc Quebecois?
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