Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Liberals Plan Campaign Of Lies, Defamation, Demonization

liberals-are-evil.gif image by canadiansentinel


See? They haven't changed. The nasty demagogues!

I see it happening already. And they're adopting the style of campaign rhetoric used so much by the ACORN-y Obama-Democratic Propaganda Machine in America. Talk about "American style" electioneering! The Liberals are doing it big-time!

Ok, if that's the way they want to play the game, then I'll play, too, and, boy, will I play hard!

Take this, Liberals:

Liberal demagogue Marlene Jennings is already running fast with the propaganda, out of control, and I simply must call her out for her lies, lies, and more lies...

Get a load of this absolute bullshit:

"As a Canadian woman, as a woman of African ancestry, I'm not a 'left-wing fringe group' and neither are Canadian women of all ethnic origins . . . like Mr. Harper claimed behind closed doors," Liberal MP Marlene Jennings said Tuesday morning.

Listen, Marlene... Mr. Harper did NOT ever mention race, nor sex.

So what the feck are you blabbering about? Why are you choosing to be a total asshole?

Hey, Marlene, you know, your Liberal cronies have called non-Leftists like me "right-wing fringe" and that sort of thing. As well as much, much worse, hurtful stuff. And you still want to be in that party, and that fact scares the hell out of me, makes me worry about how hateful YOU must therefore be, to want to be in the same party as these scary hateful people.

Well, Marlene, I'm a Canadian man, and as a man who is deaf, I'm not a "right-wing fringe group" and neither are Canadian men who are deaf... like your people the Liberals claim not only behind closed doors but also openly. I don't happen to be of African origin myself. Do you have a problem with that? Do you think it makes me a "right wing fringe group"? Does my being a man make me a "right-wing fringe group"? Why do you hate me just because I'm different? Why do you call me horrible things just because I'm not a far-leftwing Liberal?

Shame on you! So hateful!

So quit being a hypocritical asshole already!

How dare you talk about Mr. Harper like that, telling these defamatory, criminal lies about him being a racist and sexist? He never mentioned race, nor sex, yet you're implying he did. Ok, off to tort court with you! Bring your lawyers!

If anyone's a racist and sexist, it's you for playing the race and sex card.

I don't give a frig about what color your or my skin is, nor what we've got between our legs. Got that? Too bad it's all a big deal for you, even in Canada!

I'd also like to know what you think of how women are treated in the Islamic World. You don't give a damn about men pouring boiling water and acid all over women they suspect have done something they "shouldn't have done"? How about the "honor killings" that happen all the time in places like Canada? You're ok with Islamic honor killings of women and girls who, say, refuse to be "properly Islamic"? No? Then please campaign against Islam's hatred, intolerance and violence towards women! I want you to condemn Islam like you condemn Mr. Harper for what, in your imagination, he might have going on in his head (did I mention that it was in your imagination?). Go ahead; speak out against Islam for its hatred of and violence towards women! Hypocrite! You don't care about women, because you let Islam do as it pleases with women, beating them, maiming them, killing them!

Oh, and...

"Mr. Harper has two faces," Jennings said. He has the public Conservative face where he wears his nice little blue sweaters and speaks softly and gently . . . and then behind doors he's got the old Reform face. Canadians won't put up with it."

Don't make me laugh so hard. I swear, I'm going to piss my pants, Marlene!

What about Mr. Ignatieff, your leader? He's two-faced, and you know it. There's numerous tapes and documents with his utterances on them that prove that he's two-faced. And you're ok with that. You're ok with the fact that he's a big Bush fan, a big war fan, a big torture fan, all of that! Sheesh!

Oh, and you're two-faced, too. One minute you're nice, and the next minute you turn into a mean-spirited, lying-through-her-teeth ogre.

Now here's Liberal Ujjal Dosanjh:

Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh, a former federal health minister, also challenged Harper to defend the Canadian health-care system during the prime minister's visit this week to New York and Washington. As the U.S. debates a new system for delivering health care, Canada's system has been held up by some as a model while others, mostly Republicans, have attacked it.

"Is he going to defend, with passion, our health-care system?" Dosanjh asked. "When you have the one of the most fundamental institutions of our country that is under attack in an irrational debate in the United States of America — our friend and neighbour — we have an obligation to explain."

Are you for real, man? The Canadian healthcare system kills people. It's a failure. I know. Believe me... I know. Been there and saw it for myself. It's horrible and frightening, and here you are saying there's nothing wrong with it? You're evil! You're hateful! You're mean-spirited! How dare you demonize Mr. Harper? He just wants to make it work better to save more lives and alleviate more suffering. And you guys, you Liberals, cut the life out of the healthcare system to balance the budget... like you'll do all over again to balance the budget. You'd pull the plug on Grandma, just like Obama! You'd make the taxpayers fund abortion on demand, not just in Canada, but everywhere on Earth, just like Obama!

You horrible, hateful, scary Liberals... you're just as bad as Obama and the Democrats!

I worry that you'll put me into a boxcar and send me away "to someplace better for special folks like me".

Assholes. If Canadians wanted assholes to run Canada, they'd have elected the Liberals. But they stopped doing that.

Yet the Liberals are going to recycle the Warren Kinsella Method of Destroying the Other Guys' Reputations and Cheating Your Way to Victory.

Sheesh! Those hateful, horrible, dangerous demagogue, neo-Communist, criminal-organization "Liberals"!

Bunch of racists, sexists, Islamic supremacists, hateful, Christianophobic gay bigots, anti-Semites, Israelophobes, America-haters, neo-Communists, etc., etc... They've got it all. They're bad, bad, bad. Fascists. Tyrants. Their leader wants war, war, war and wants people to be tortured!

Oh, and, hey, Leftists: Don't bother. I'll say it here for you: Racist! Hater! Sexist! Homophobe! Islamophobe!

There. Now they've got nothing else to say in response. Because that's all they got, and I said it all for them so they wouldn't have to!