Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sounds Like Warren Kinsella's Talking Points To Me

What Ignatieff said.

ht: NNW

On Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff told the notoriously Liberal-favoring/Conservative-bashing Toronto (Red) Star:

"What he says in private is contemptuous of Canadians and treats all Canadians who disagree with him as enemies," Ignatieff said. "The other disagreement I have is that when he attacks his opponents, he engages in falsehoods and the politics of personal destruction. And when that guy's time in politics is finished and people ask what was his legacy, what was his contribution to the public life of Canada, it'll be those attack ads. And let it be on his head. I'm tired of it. And Canadians are tired of it."

Huh? He didn't substantiate his accusations. Just accusations, they are. Who has any idea what he's talking about?

Those words sound so recycled, so reheated. He might as well have added "racist" while he was at it, since "racist" is also a standard accusation used by Leftists who have nothing else to go on. Perhaps the curmudgeon forgot. Guess he's not aware that he can call 'em "teabaggers" too.

As if they were given to him by another grumpy-asshole curmudgeon, Warren Kinsella, the Liberal Party's War Room Head Clown.

Besides, what Iggy said, it's funny how his description reminds us precisely of Liberal Prime Ministers we've had previously, such as Trudeau, Chretien and Paul Martin. Those guys were totally beyond the pale and even worse than what Iggy said.

Guess Iggy's got nothing else to talk about, so he bashes Harper. Got no specific policies, no specific visions, so he goes on the attack to try to shake a handful of swing votes off of the Conservative tree so that he might get lucky and catch them.

Oh, and by the way, why didn't the Toronto Star ask Iggy if he'd say the same about Obama and the Democrats? Oh, right... they're on the same side, different countries, fellow useful-idiot travellers, y'know, in the Free World, submitting to that old foreign-sourced neo-communist apparatus, so nope, they're not going to stab one another in the back. Too busy being the domestic enemy.