Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Criminal ACORN Plays Harball, Sues Whistleblowers

The neo-communists aren't going to go down without a fight.

As I see it, hey, why bother? They've been caught being criminal. The evidence is already out there, and people have seen and heard it. Too late to put the cat back into the bag.

To sue the good guys for catching them being criminal, well, I somehow doubt that the People will think ill of the good guys just because they didn't get permission to record the audio.

So what if the child prostitution-practitioning ACORNies allegedly suffered "extreme emotional distress"? What about the extreme emotional distress of the children forced into sex slavery for money to be used to get Obama and Democrats elected? These people are incredible! They're like the bully crying 'cause the victims stood up to them!

Hey, we're talking about bad guys who do bad things as a matter of course. Who are they to complain about the good guys bending the rules in the service of the greater good?

ACORN doth protest too much.

They're attacking the messengers, the sting filmmakers, and Andrew Breitbart.

Typical of the neo-communists who are onside with the Obamacrat Regime. Attack all inconvenient dissidents, in whatever way convenient. That's their strategy.

Also, now the IRS is dumping ACORN and severing all ties to the criminal organization.

ht: Drudge Report