Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ABC Mentions Obama Czar Jennings

I'm surprised. Somebody at ABC obviously has balls! Or maybe they've gotten a whiff of the coffee of reality, realizing how bad they look to be totally ignorant of what's going on, whilst lowly bloggers like me are totally aware, thanks to the New News Media, most of which is online, free, independent, fair and balanced. Ah, but that's speculation and wishful thinking, of course. Still remains to be seen whether they'll talk about the homopedophilia-positive "czar" on the nightly ABC news.

ht: Drudge

However, once one carefully analyzes the ABC blog post, it appears that the ABC is still protecting this Obamite, Kevin Jennings. The reporting is too slanted in his favor and the favor of his movement, and ignores the obvious threat his extreme ideology and agenda pose with respect to student safety, as far as indoctrination in dangerous ideology is concerned. They're ignoring a whole lot of inconvenient truths about this guy.

More here, too.

The guy's an extremely militant propagandist hellbent on pushing his worldview onto children, using dishonest, Machiavellian propaganda tactics.

And Obama chose him, that radical extremist, as a "czar".