Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stossel Discusses Defection From ABC To FOX News

John Stossel.

Years ago, ABC hired me to do consumer reporting. When I wised up, deciding consumer "advocates" usually did more harm than good, that horrified some of my colleagues.

When I did my first TV special, I pointed out that regulation itself, by stifling innovation, can make life less safe. Two producers angrily objected, saying, "No respectable journalist would say that." The senior producer on the program smugly told me, "You just can't say that on network TV."

ABC's (now NBC's) research director, said: "Why do a show on risk assessment? You should do something on diet or breast implants — something we know people will watch."

But give ABC credit. After bitter arguments, it ran the show, titled, "Are We Scaring You to Death?" A news division's vice president said, "I don't agree with you, but it's a valid intellectual argument that deserves to be made."

We were all surprised when 17 million Americans watched. We got 3,000 letters, many from scientists who wrote: "Thank God, somebody's finally saying these things. I can't believe I saw that on network television."

Clearly, John Stossel has a mind of his own. He's no Leftist. He knows what's what.

And he's not afraid to stand up to the arrogant, dogmatic "progressive" establishment.

He'll make an excellent addition to FOX News.

Why bother to watch any of the other news networks? They're all de-facto propaganda wings of the de-facto American Communist Party (ie. the Democratic Party and all its associated groups).

Just watch FOX News. They'll tell you much, much more than the other guys will.

The other guys cover up stuff you want to know that's going on, if it's inconvenient to THE AGENDA of the LEFT. It's already proven. There's no doubt in the minds of the aware and sane.

Those who believe that the Approved Media are free and independent and report all important news are either ignorant/uninformed or are crackpots!