Monday, September 21, 2009

Krazy Kinsella On The Warpath Again

Yup. Nasty Warren Kinsella. Michael Ignatieff's hitman. The Poop from Heck guy who plays with purple dinosaurs.

"Hi, I'm Warren. I'm not nice. I intend to find out who you are, little Hill Times source weasel, and I intend to take a chainsaw to your political ambitions, however modest they may be."

You know the Liberals are in deep, deep, deeeeeep puffin poop when stuff like this happens.

When Warren Kinsella loses it.

Which reminds me- House is on tonight- season premiere- 2 hours- Da doctor is in da NUTHOUSE!

Much like the spin doctor is nuts and ought to check himself into the same place. I'm sure they'll make excellent roomies.

Warren is nervous. He knows his work is cut out for him.

And he thought he'd be able to focus on telling big lies about the Harper Conservatives...

Poor, poor, pitiful old Catmeat Man.

Perhaps he'll find the "source" in the bathroom, along with those imaginary Nazis...

ht: Maz2