Monday, September 21, 2009

Violence Against Pro-Life Folks Rising

The latest.

Don't expect the Approved Media to care, let alone tell the People. Even though the assailants were, surprisingly, fellow pro-lifers who didn't like the inconvenient truth being expressed by an older gentleman about the racism of "Planned Parenthood".

"Recently there has been an increasing attitude that it is okay to hurt pro-life people if one does not agree with them. This disturbing trend must stop," Newman said.

"We are thankful that Mr. Wallace was not hurt worse than he was, and pray that the violence against pro-life activists will come to an end," he added.

Newman said Operation Rescue has received hundreds of threats and suffered three acts of vandalism on their headquarters in recent months and that the amount has increased following the shooting death of late-term abortion practitioner George Tiller.

Odd that the Approved Media isn't talking about these threats and the violence. They barely even mentioned the recent murder of an elderly, disabled pro-life demonstator!

Whichever side one is on, one must acknowledge the double standard being borne by the Approved Media, plus by the Obamacrat Regime, who loudly, immediately condemned the murder of the abortionist Tiller, but hardly uttered a peep at all about the other murder.

I thought the "progressive" movement abhorred violence? Oh, only against their comrades, obviously!

Besides, how would those who favor abortion feel if they saw rising violence against their comrades, and the Approved Media didn't give a damn, nor did the pro-life folks (of course, the pro-life folks care, and demonstrated it very clearly following the murder of Tiller)?

I'd ask Leftists and Approved Media employees: Hey, if it's ok to beat up and murder pro-life folks just because you disagree with them, then isn't it also ok to do the same to your own folks, the pro-abortion crowd? Why or why not? Hmm?

How come the Left gets to do whatever it wants, but non-Leftists are strictly forbidden to exercise their rights equally? Why the discrimination, the double standard?

Indeed, in a whole range of things, the Left has a LOT more freedom than non-Leftists. Astute observers of the real world know that this is true.

It's unfair. But Leftists are generally fine with it, or at least ignorant of this reality, delusionally pretending that the other side is the one who gets all the breaks.

Why are Leftists so unfair? Is it a part of their character? Is it a part of who they are? Are Leftists essentially unfair people? I'm afraid the answer is yes, because it's what I've observed and concluded over the years.

I do believe that Leftism is a mental disorder, an intellectual disorder, a moral disorder, an ethical disorder, a character disorder.

Of course, Leftists are human, too, so this means that they can get better. And many do. I was one of them myself. Many, many, if not most, "conservatives" are former
or recovering Leftists.

But first the Leftists must admit that they have a problem and decide that they want to get better.

If Leftists preach about "fairness", they should practice it, too. But, generally, I don't see this happening, at least at the group, or macro, level.