Thursday, September 24, 2009

Poll Hints At Eventual Conservative Breakthrough In Toronto supposedly-vault-secure Liberal territory.

Lots of votes and seats in Toronto.


The poll shows the Tories leading in Toronto with nearly 42 per cent support, compared with 37 per cent for the Liberals. Although the error margin of 6.2 percentage points, given the smaller sample size, means the gap difference is not statistically significant, the trend suggests the Conservatives have become more competitive in the city.


The EKOS poll, done exclusively for the CBC and released Thursday, shows the Tories with 37 per cent support, followed by the Liberals with 29.9 per cent. The New Democratic Party followed with 13.8 per cent, the Green Party with 10.2 per cent and the Bloc Quebecois with 9.1 per cent.

The Conservatives' lead widened from last week's poll, which saw them with 35.1 per cent support and the Liberals with 29.9 per cent. The NDP support dropped slightly from 16.5 per cent, with the Bloc and the Green Party remaining virtually the same.

My analysis of the numbers there suggests that the "undecided" or "swing" vote, as it shrinks, is decidedly moving to the Conservatives, and to no one else.

Also, according to the Toronto Sun, Evangelical Christian Canadians have lost faith in the Liberals.

The Liberal Party was once the most popular political party with Canada's millions of evangelical Christians but has lost much of that support to the Conservatives and the New Democrats, a new study says.

And it is largely its own fault.

Well, duh.

The study, by Don Hutchinson and Rick Hiemstra of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, tracked the voting patterns of Canada's evangelical Christians from 1996 to 2008. Among the things they found was that there is a lot of difference between the way evangelical Christians vote in the United States and in Canada.

For one, Canada's evangelicals don't vote in a monolithic block for one single party. Secondly, while the most popular party with evangelicals is currently the Conservatives, the second most popular party is the NDP.

The fact that they'd vote for the NDP is illogical, kind of like when Jewish Americans vote Democrat, even though the Democrats are an anti-Semitic party who have forsaken Israel for the Islamic Supremacist Ummah, perhaps best represented by the reprehensible Ahmadinejad, out from whose speech to the "United Nations" Canada and other Free World nations walked, to protest the hateful, warmongering Islamic nuclear madman and his evil ideology and monstrous big lies told about the Free World.

I suspect that those who vote NDP will eventually gravitate towards the Conservatives as well as did those who voted Liberal.

Well, this is what happens when one "denigrates and marginalizes" massive blocks of voters- they marginalize one, in turn (I'm pleased to also denigrate Liberals, by the way, so as to show them that they don't like it when it goes the other way, hopefully teaching them empathy and making some see the light and the error of their ways).

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