Sunday, September 20, 2009

UK State Apparatus Persecuting Christians To Favor Supremacist Muslims

Like in this case.

Under Gordon Brown's mean-spirited, treasonous Labour Party government.

All they did was defend their faith when challenged by an obviously supremacist Muslim woman who knows how to abuse the state apparatus to bash non-Muslims into silence and submission.

And this case is more evidence that the state apparatus is abusing laws to make bogus charges against mostly Christians so as to placate aggressively hateful Muslims who don't accept the differences of others and who will tolerate no "back-talk" from them.

The political leader who promises, in the next British election, to ban such favoritism/discrimination by the state apparatus is the one who will win a landslide.

It would be great, too, if such a political leader promised to end state-sponsored submission to Islamic Supremacists and to require that Muslims and non-Muslims be treated equally, period, and be subject to the same laws, have the same rights and responsibilities, etc. And that any immigrant, non-citizen Islamic Supremacists who refuse to accept the ways of Britain will be required to go home because Britain doesn't want people coming in to the country and spreading intolerance, hatred, contempt, supremacism and, of course, terrorism. Plus there must also be a promise to treat Islamic Supremacists exactly the same as White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis, meaning that they won't be tolerated any more than those hateful, dangerous thugs and that the state apparatus will ensure that they are marginalized as much as are those jackbooted, supremacist honkies.

Like hell Muslims can shut up Christians for standing up for their faith!

Supremacist, Fundamentalist, Fascist Islamisation must be officially banned and aggressively snuffed out wherever and whenever evidence thereof is discovered, and Muslims treated like the hotel owners in this case, if found to be supremacists attempting to Islamise Britain. After all, hey, isn't Britain "multicultural"? Wouldn't Islamisation militate against the "multiculturalism"? Of course yes, because an Islamic khalifate (like, say, Iran, which became a khalifate after the Muslims attacked, invaded, cleansed and occupied Persia, which begs the question as to why the Muslim occupiers and enslavers aren't being told by the International Community to get out so that the original inhabitants and their descendants can once again have their nation back!) forbids any culture other than fundamentalist (and intolerant and murderous) Islam.

Do the British want to live under their own Taliban?
Do they believe women should have their rights taken away and be treated worse than animals, and that homosexuals should be slowly, painfully, inhumanely executed, like in the Islamic World, including Iran, which, ironically, denies their very existence? If they don't want this, then they must awaken to the reality that Britain is being Islamised under their noses, and that their criminally corrupt, treasonous Labour government is faciliating this Islamisation. And vote the bums out and make it clear as a People, the British People, that no future government will be tolerated if it tries to submit to Islamic Supremacism.

Of course, wilfully lazy-minded, wilfully ignorant, negligently, uncaringly misinformed folks will find such language as I've used above to be staggeringly shocking, but they're as ignorant of, and misinformed about, the very real, very massive and accelerating growth of International, Imperial, Supremacist Islam, the Islamic World and Islamisation in the contemporary world as folks were grossly misinformed about Nazi Germany and Hitler in the last century, and we know what happened then (in fact, the Nazis had been working on The Bomb, too, and we were lucky to beat them and Imperialist Japan in that arms race, but probably won't be so lucky next time, the way things are going today!). Oh, and the Muslims were part of the Nazi military, united with the Nazis due to their shared hatred of Jews and aim to cleanse the world of them. And today the Islamic World aims to do just that. Truth be told... disprove it, no one can.

Those to whom the above is news, well, they've got a lot of self-education cut out for themselves... But at least the facts are all available online...