Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Left's Election Zeal Driving Voters To Conservatives

The hard-left international socialists (Liberals, NDP and the ultra-revolutionary, separatist, FLQ terrorist manifesto-citing Bloc Quebecois) have decided to again gang up on the Conservative government and force an election.

Apparently, this is reminding Canadians of what happened just months ago when the same triangle of neo-communist revolutionaries formed a coalition to usurp the government for refusing to go hard-left into Keynesian government-intervention territory to copy Obama's destructive spending spree. We recall that, of course. It was when Canadians rose up in fury, had their own "tea party" protests of sorts, much like Americans are these days against the extremely revolutionary neo-communist regime of Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrats, and denounced the coupsters and when a majority told pollsters they'd vote Conservative. Guess we Canucks are a bunch of right-wing terrorists, too. Yup, teabagging Astroturfer racist mobsters of swastika-carrying fringe-lunatic birthers! Oh, yeah, baby, we're as nutty as ousted Obama czar Van Jones, only we're right! Yeeeaaahhhrrrggghhh! (And we can out-scream Howard Dean, too!)

Now, Nik Nanos, Canada's most accurate pollster when it comes to predicting outcomes of elections, has noticed an upsurge of support for the Harper Conservatives amidst the neo-communists' gung-ho-ness with respect to imposing another election onto weary, nervous Canadians.

BALLOT QUESTION: For those parties you would consider voting for federally, could you please rank your top two current local preferences? (Committed voters only – First Preference) The numbers in parenthesis denote the change from the last Nanos Omnibus Survey completed between July 30th and August 2nd, 2009.

National (n=756)

  • Conservative 37.5% (+6.2)
  • Liberal 33.4% (-0.4)
  • NDP 14.8% (-3.9)
  • BQ 9.7% (+0.5)
  • Green 4.6% (-2.4)
  • Undecided 24.6% (+8.9)
Note that a quarter of voters are undecided, up 9% points from the last Nanos poll.

And this increase comes at the same time as a 6%-point increase for Conservative support.

This means that Canadians are having strong trepidations about the left-wing parties' zeal to force an election, and would likely either rather not touch anyone at all, staying away from the polls in disgust, or would actually consider voting for the Conservatives for the first time, in my humble opinion.

Canadians are beginning to see the real world as it is. They're seeing the frightening, Obamite-like craziness of the Liberals, NDP and Bloc Quebecois and the sanity, prudence, competence and overall good government of the Conservatives, who now make more and more of them feel more comfortable.

Canadians are awakening kind of like Americans have been.

So, let the international socialists force an election, then. Let those gosh-darned Leninists just try to get to gether in a secretly-planned coalition regime after the next election's probably-another-minority-government result. Why would Canadians trust proven liars and usurper-wannabes? Canadians just want to move on and recover from the global recession, and they know that the Harper Conservatives have what it takes to lead them and the economy out of the scary darkness originally caused by none other than the bank-bullying neo-communists (the Democrats and their brownshirt forces) in America.

The Harper Conservatives are right: Canadians don't want an election at a difficult, sensitive time like this, and will react with anger at those who impose it.

Like hell will Canadians tolerate some neo-communist assholes (Liberals, NDP and Bloc) trying to drive Canada back into recession! In other words, you can rest assured which way the swing votes will swing.