Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why The Papers Are Going The Way Of The Buggy Whip

Jack of Jack's Newswatch says:

I don’t control the news but I will say this. My voice is just as large as the Star or the Globe on the net and as many famous newspapers sink into the “quicksand” I would suggest that they get their act together soon or they will be history. There is a reason why newspapers are going bankrupt everywhere and it has a lot to do with the internet and people who scream “Whoa! Full stop.” People don’t pay good money for extreme bullshit which is becoming readily apparent and I would add that the internet is becoming as common to people everywhere as the telephone and TV did many years ago. The MSM cannot get away with the “public training” they are used to anymore. Those days are gone.

Ah. Hmm.

And here I am...

Suddenly I find myself no longer even thinking of reading a paper, let alone buying one. I hardly even watch TV news anymore (well, when one's foregoing cable to save money, that's easy). And here I am telling folks, as a blogger, what I found out about, via the internet, and here I am attaching my own perspective and analysis thereto. And, not being the Big Politically Correct Corporate Media, I've been told by a commentor, about my posts, that readers are "getting used to reading articles they agree with".


Further to that, one must necessarily ask oneself and others...

Why is the mainstream media moving from newsprint to the internet? And why is the mainstream media on TV contracting, shrinking, cutting all sorts of cost drivers?


It seems to me that, while they move online, they're continuing their old ways of basically telling us what to think. And this is their mistake.

As they move online, the mainstream media fails to realize why they're moving online. It's not about costs. It's not about advertisers abandoning them. It's not about the audience having moved online. Ok, yes it is, and they correctly say so. But, really, what's the main reason?

The main reason is that the People have lost their trust in the mainstream media, that they feel that the MSM is trying to manipulate them, lie to them, tell them what and how to think, etc.

As they explored the worldwide web, the People gradually but steadily, with advancing technology and the entrance of non-MSM news/information/analysis/opinion sources, found that things aren't quite what they'd been told they were. And they came to realize, now that they were armed and experienced with the new communications technology of the internet, that the Big Money Media, with its big, powerful, comfy oligopoly, had become so powerful that it had taken it upon its arrogant collective self to play god. And anyone who dares to play god, well...

Know what I'm talking about?

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