Friday, March 27, 2009

Hate Group Suing Feds Over Funding Nix

So the Canadian Arab Federation is suing the federal government and Minister Jason Kenney for taking its entitlements away. Yawn. Hell, it's not as if they can't just ask the Saudis to replace the funding so they can continue to bash Israel, bash Jews and call Jason Kenney a "whore"... why do they need to do it on the taxpayers' dime? They want my money to spew hatred, contempt and incitement? Feck them, they can't have it! They can just suck the moisture out of my shorts instead!

Bah. Just more of that "soft jihad" crap. Happens all the time. A B.S. suit by an entitlist, Israel-and-Jew-bashing hate group of Arab supremacists. Let them sue.

Funny how they're being represented by the same asshat-nutbar lawyers who're running wacko British hatemongerer George Galloway's suit against the government for banning him from coming to Canada to spew his hatred, contempt and incitement against Israel and Jews. Why the hell do we want some Hard-Left lunatic coming in who incited murderous jihad against the British Prime Minister?