Friday, March 20, 2009

Surprise, Econo-Pessimists! Canadian Retail Sales Up!

Story here.

The value of sales at new car dealers rose 6.4 percent in January after December's 15.1 percent decline.

In a separate release, Statistics Canada said the number of new motor vehicles sold rose by 5.5 percent to a seasonally adjusted 119,231 units in January. In unadjusted terms, the number actually fell to 78,812 from December's 97,164.

Can't be good news for those who want the economy to really, really sink so that they can say, "Hey, the free market economy doesn't work, so let the state take over and run things, ok?" Like Liberal Leader Michael "Get 'Em, Kinsella!" Ignatieff, who, make no mistake, could care less about what system of economy we have, as long as he gets to be the Canadian version of The One so that he can impress the communist dictator, his hero, B. Hussein Obama...

I know, it's not a great big piece of news that'll be cause to pop the cork off the bottle of Dom Perignon, but it does naturally make one wonder whether folks like former Bank of Canada Governor and Deputy FM under Liberal Paul Martin David Dodge (the bad-comb-over-guy, y'know) are maybe pulling an Al Gore on us with their doomsday claims.