Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Here We Go Again

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ht: National Newswatch

You know, the inconvenient truth is that Darwin's Theory of Evolution is just that... a theory. It isn't science; it's not proven and has never advanced beyond the realm of dogma. It's like the IPCC theory and the theory that "sexuality" is genetically pre-programmed. All unproven, but eagerly believed, interestingly, predominantly by folks on the "Progressive" Liberal Left. And the Big Corporate Media.

But it seems some "scientists" are rather cocksure as to their belief in evolution. Well, that's fine, got no problem with that at all. Believe whatever you wish.

But it sounds like they're saying that Christians who believe not in evolution, but that God created human beings, well, they shouldn't be allowed to be Minister of State for Science and Technology.

“I'm not going to answer that question. I am a Christian, and I don't think anybody asking a question about my religion is appropriate,” Gary Goodyear, the federal Minister of State for Science and Technology, said in an interview with The Globe and Mail.


Some have expressed concern that Mr. Goodyear, a chiropractor from Cambridge, Ont., is suspicious of science, perhaps because he is a creationist.

"Suspicious of science perhaps because he is a creationist"?

OMG!!! Bigotry!!! Prejudice!!! Hatred!!! Christianophobia!!!

Call the "Human Rights" Commission! People are spreading hatred and contempt against creationists!!! They might potentially expose creationists to hatred and contempt!!!

Call Richard Warman!

Call Warren Kinsella! Oh, wait... *

Brian Alters, founder and director of the Evolution Education Research Centre at McGill University in Montreal, was shocked by the minister's comments.

Evolution is a scientific fact, Dr. Alters said, and the foundation of modern biology, genetics and paleontology. It is taught at universities and accepted by many of the world's major religions, he said.

“It is the same as asking the gentleman, ‘Do you believe the world is flat?' and he doesn't answer on religious grounds,” said Dr. Alters. “Or gravity, or plate tectonics, or that the Earth goes around the sun.”

Bullshit. No, it isn't "scientific fact". It's scientific belief. Looking at circumstantial (supposed) "evidence" and concluding that it constitutes proof beyond all doubt... that's not "fact". Again we have another "scientist" being dogmatic... this seems to be a growing phenomenon, what with all these unscientific "scientists"... most infamously the discredited "manmade-global-warming" IPCC "scientists" and now the evolution theorists...

Besides, we can observe objectively that the world is round. On the other hand, we have NOT observed ourselves as transforming over millions of years from a fish to what we are today. We have NOT. It's a theory masquerading as something that's proven.

That being the case, I think those "scientists" who attack Mr. Goodyear are being, as the "Progressive" Liberal Left would say, "hateful".

It's like drawing a picture of Mohammed nude with another man and shoving it into a Muslim's face.

It's like walking up to and aggressively, untactfully, mean-spiritedly confronting a sensitive, emotionally-tender "gay" person and saying that their "orientation" is a chosen behavior/lifestyle/recreational activity for fun and not something they're born with, as is their common belief. We wouldn't do that in such a way, for it'd be rude and antisocial and beyond the pale, but there are those who think nothing of hurting the feelings of those nasty, hateful, horrible Christians.

What we're witnessing here is a concerted effort by the "Progressive" Liberal Left in using "scientists" amongst their movement to attack Christian Conservatives, discredit them, say they're unfit to be in their jobs... just because of their religion.

And this violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. These "scientists" are trying to make the case that we should perhaps either force Christians to abandon or act against their beliefs... or fire them. Pretty much like how the "Progressive" Liberal Left aggressively forces Christians who are clergy or doctors to perform, respectively, such things as "gay" wedding ceremonies or the murder of the unborn, backed with the threat that they'll be fired if they refuse.

But then again, the "Progressive" Liberal Left only cares about the Charter when it's convenient to their agenda. They'll forget about it in a heartbeat if doing so makes it easier to impose on or discriminate against those who don't agree with them.