Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ignatieff's Liberals Engaged In War On Religion

At least a war on religions not currently protected by political correctness, the "Progressive" Liberal Left and the Big Politically Correct Corporate Media. Basically, this means that Islam is exempt from the Liberals' crosshairs, as there's no doubt they won't dare target any Muslims, at least none who aren't Conservatives, of course!

David Asper weighs in with his take on the Liberals' attitude towards peoples' faith, which is something that's supposed to be protected from discrimination or disadvantage by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which the Liberals and the rest of the Left have always dishonestly cited to justify their extreme social reengineering agenda, most infamously their dishonest campaign to transform the institution of marriage in Canada from what it's always been to something we barely recognize anymore. Of course, when they did that, they claimed that no one would be forced against their Charter rights to perform homosexual matrimonial ceremonies, but it turns out that they lied, as there's no doubt that Christian clergy fear for their livelihoods should they dare to decline on Charter grounds. Clearly, Liberals only believe that the Charter ought to apply when they say so, not all the time to all people. Not to mention that they lie about it, saying that it says things it clearly doesn't.

Mr. Asper also takes rival paper The Globe and Mail to task.

Emphasis mine.

A couple of days ago, federal Minister of Science and Technology Gary Goodyear gave a brief interview to a reporter from The Globe and Mail that was supposedly about reductions in funding for scientific research. However, the entire Globe story allegedly chronicling the interview actually contained only a few sentences dealing with those cuts; one in which the Minister defended the actions being taken by the government, and another whereby he suggested that there needs to be a focus on commercialization of research. The bulk of what Globe readers got was a set of sensationalized non-sequiturs under the headline "Science minister won't confirm belief in evolution."

That's too bad, because government research funding is a legitimate subject for public debate. Instead, we find ourselves talking about a gratuitous attack perpetrated against Mr. Goodyear on the basis of his religious beliefs.

This is part of a larger problem that began on a national scale in 2000, when a Liberal strategist mocked Stockwell Day's Christian beliefs (and, by implication, all other creationist religions, from Islam to the animist faiths of Canada's natives) by proudly showing a Barney the Dinosaur doll to a chuckling media horde. Ha ha, how witty.
That Liberal strategist was none other than Warren Kinsella, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff's chief strategist and War Room director. This morning I took Kinsella and Ignatieff to task for their hatefulness.

Things continued in this vein in the years following. After the resignation of Paul Martin as Liberal leader in 2006, interim leader Bill Graham rose in the House of Commons and attacked the credibility of a senior staffer in Rona Ambrose's office for his evangelical Christian beliefs.

Throughout the growth of the current Conservative party, starting with the establishment of Reform, the Alliance and then the merger with the Progressive Conservatives, there has been a festering undercurrent of anti-religious bigotry in the methods of attack used by left-wing critics.

Read all of Mr. Asper's take on the hatefulness of the Liberals, the rest of the Hard-Left Opposition, the "Progressive" movement and the Big Politically Correct Corporate Media.

Leftist trolls have ridiculed me for indicating pretty much the same as what Mr. Asper is talking about today. See, Leftist trolls, I'm not paranoid, not imagining stuff... and, by the way, I think you Leftists are the ultimate hypocrites for calling me "hateful" for being frank about Islamic supremacism and imperialism and the very real and present danger it poses to the Free World and all of humanity. But then again, the hatefulness of Islamic supremacists appeals to you Leftists, as you identify with it. You share a common hatred of Jews, of Israel. You believe that people should be shut up and punished for saying politically inconvenient things even if it's fact-based and fair commentary.

I'm sick and tired of those hatefully extreme "Progressive" Liberal Leftists. They're acting like Brownshirts already.

Oh, and by the way, today's "Progressives" identify with Hitler, even though they don't want to admit it, prefer to deny it, etc. You see, Hitler was a socialist, which cannot be denied, though Leftists deny it anyway. Hitler hated the Jews; Leftists hate the Jews, via the cover of wrongfully attacking Israel for things that aren't her fault. And, believe it or not, you know how Leftists think that homosexuality is a wonderful thing? Well, so did Hitler. And, in fact, Hitler was a homosexual, and, further, in fact, he rose to power by "doing favors" for the leader of the Brownshirts, himself a raging homosexual and with powerful connections and the ability to see that Hitler would become the Chancellor. Think I made this up? I'm sorry, but I most certainly did NOT. Perhaps you missed my recent post proving all of the above?

That's right: I consider today's "Progressive" Liberal Leftist movement to be the equivalent of neo-Nazis. Seriously. J'accuse!