Saturday, March 28, 2009

Iggy Gets A Kitty


Yep, apparently Iggy's got himself a kitty...

Hot: Mimi, the Ignatieffs' four-month-old Burmese kitten. She recently moved into Stornoway after being personally escorted to Ottawa by Liberal MP Keith Martin, who represents the Vancouver Island riding where Mimi's breeder lives. It was an effort but Dr. Martin found a way - WestJet let him take the kitten on board with him - and delivered her to the Opposition Leader's official residence at 1 a.m. last Thursday. The Harpers also have cats but of less glamorous breeds - they foster cats through the Ottawa Humane Society's Foster Program.

Oh, isn't that cute? An aristocratic kitty who gets to fly with the humans, where lowly, ordinary kitties don't get to fly, for they have to be in little portable jails in the bowels of the plane... unless they're accompanied by a minion of the too-great-to-need-to-be-elected Czar Mikhail Ignatiov.

You know, PM Harper got slammed for wearing a blue sweater to look more cuddly to the voters. Wonder if Iggy'll get slammed for getting a snobcat to make him look more cuddly to the voters? Why not adopt a needy kitty like the Harpers do?

Should've adopted a kitty from the Ottawa pound. That'd have brought far better "cuddly" optics than getting a snobcat, an aristocat, and flying the little furry-wurry in luxurious Librano Class comfort... Wonder if the kitty got to ride to Stornoway in a limo?

But Czar Mikhail Ignatiov is obviously too important to adopt a poor ordinary kitty ... Gotta send his submissive servant all the way to the West Coast on the lowly peasants' tax dime to fetch the most well-bred specimen he can find... nothing's too rich or too snobbish for Czar Ignatiov!