Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Conservatives Ask EC To Investigate Liberal Donation Scheme


Story here.

Uh-oh... how's Attack Clown Warren Kinsella going to create a diversion from this for his overlord Michael Ignatieff?

Today, the media has been all over the story. In print, on radio, and on TV, Liberals are being asked why we should not interpret this as a cynical attempt to use a bogus leadership campaign as a means of doubling up people's donation limits.

From blogs to the media, and now to Parliament and beyond. Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre has just tabled this letter in the House of Commons:

March 25, 2009

Commissioner of Canada Elections
c/o Elections Canada
257 Slater Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0M6

Dear Commissioner,

Today's Ottawa Citizen is reporting that Michael Ignatieff's Liberal leadership campaign is inviting supporters to "double their donations to the party by contributing to Ignatieff's leadership campaign at a fundraising dinner next week." The article indicates that donors are being encouraged to circumvent the $1,100 annual donation limit to the Liberal party.

The law is designed to prevent donations over $1,100 to any political party, not to allow powerful insiders to flow an extra donation through a leadership campaign to the party.

These reports raise serious concerns and if accurate, could constitute a violation of the Elections Act. I expect you to make the proper inquiries to ensure compliance with the Elections Act.


Pierre Poilievre, MP

Nepean Carleton

Read the rest of Steve Janke's analysis. It's pretty good, and illustrates quite keenly that all's not well at all in the Liberal Party of Canada, nor is if for Leader-Unelect Michael Ignatieff.

Wonder if the apparently Liberal-friendly, Conservative-hostile Elections Canada will do anything?

Wonder what the Liberals and Iggy will do? Will Iggy sic attack clown Warren Kinsella on the Tories somehow? What kind of stuffed animal would be employed this time? Betcha Iggy and Warren are in a toilet stall somewhere right now scheming a way out of this fix...

Wonder if the Big Liberal Friendly Media will drop this story quickly to protect the Liberals from further devastating optics and accusations of corruption and sneakiness?

How can the Liberals save themselves from being flushed into oblivion, considering how they're still as corrupt, sneaky and scheming as ever, and continue to be caught with their pants down?