Friday, March 27, 2009

Obama Unconstitutionally Silences Lobbyists Re 'Stimulus'

Obviously, Obama will spend the trillions howsoever he (his puppetmasters, actually) sees fit and no one possessing alternative ideas will have their voices heard.

Since when does the government ignore the lobbyists? Since Obama became President, obviously. Clearly, the Obama administration isn't interested in what others have to say.

Washington (AP) - President Barack Obama says lobbyists pushing for projects in the stimulus package can't utter a word about them to administration officials. Lobbyists are hardly staying mum about this latest affront and are looking for ways to cope with the extraordinary speaking ban.

The restrictions, which began taking effect unevenly this week, have angered lobbyists already upset with Obama's repeated shots at them for wielding too much influence. Critics charge it may be unconstitutional to bar certain people -- registered lobbyists -- from speaking to government officials.

"What disqualifies lobbyists from exercising their First Amendment rights?" said J. Keith Kennedy, a top lobbyist for the Washington firm Baker Donelson.

William Luneburg and Thomas Susman, co-authors of the American Bar Association's manual on lobbying laws, said they knew of no previous administrations curtailing lobbyists' conversations with government officials.

Obviously, they don't have time to hear other peoples' views and requests. They're too busy imposing what they, and they only, and the special interests (unregistered lobbyists getting away with lobbying without being registered, because the Hard Left is de-facto exempt from having to follow the rules) want.


...another example of the radical change being imposed in "Democratic" Union of National Socialist Peoples' Republics of Obamerica.

I'd like to know, by the way, how much less... or more... the authoritarian Obama regime listens to the special interests (ie. terrorists, sexual extremists, communists, etc...)