Monday, March 23, 2009

Liberals To Have Convention About Nothing, Coronate Iggy Leader W/O Vote

Where's the democracy?

Where's the policy stuff?

It's all top-down now in the Liberal Party of Canada. The leader from now on is selected as they select a leader in Communist China, pretty much. Congratulations, Liberals, your leader isn't elected. He's imposed on you! Here he is, Czar Michael Ignatieff...

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Definitely they've got a leader (unelected!) about nothing.

Definitely they will have a convention about nothing.

For a Party about nothing.

Might as well flush the whole Party down the toilet. That's where they're headed, obviously!


"Some people are wondering why we're bothering to have a convention at all."

Technically, Liberals are gathering April 30 to May 2 in Vancouver to choose a new leader. But there'll be no vote and certainly no suspense.

Michael Ignatieff will be formally acclaimed. He's been serving as leader since December when the party, panicked by the possibility of an election in January, short-circuited its democratic leadership selection process.

Ignatieff confidant Alf Apps will also be acclaimed at the convention as the party's new president. Two rival presidential contenders withdrew early from that race.

Given the lack of drama, it's not surprising that the party expects only 1,500 to 2,000 Liberals - out of almost 7,000 eligible delegates - to show up in Vancouver.

Well, so much for the Liberals. Ok, now flush...