Monday, March 16, 2009

Fun Science!


Damn... that's cool... I've got to get me one of those for my living room! Every time I come home from work, I'll just literally fall back on it and enjoy the funny sound/vibration it emits... for one could use a really, really good laugh after a hard, boring day at work...

Story here.

Today, the renowned U.K. professor of acoustic engineering will appear on an intellectual BBC program, to explore the science of aural architecture - the relationship between sound and design. But what may hit a better note with the masses, is Cox's continuing fascination with one of the oldest novelty gags under the moon.

Cox, a professor of acoustic engineering at the University of Salford, in North West England, conducted an online poll ( over the past two weeks, to find the most amusing whoopee cushion sound. What he found was that the best devices to fabricate a flatus are ones which draw out the longest raspberry.

Short beeps were amusing, he discovered, but people thought long-winded blow-outs were a laugh riot.

"Most people thought a really long whoopee sound, one which went on for about seven seconds, was the funniest," the professor explains from his office, in the Newton Building of the university.

Oh, and the professor owns the world's largest whoopee cushion... three meters in diameter...