Saturday, March 28, 2009

No More Deficit-Financed 'Stimulus' Spending: Ottawa

Good. See, the Conservatives are still conservative, despite accepting a temporary return to deficit during the current economic slump.

We've done more than enough. And the fact of the matter is that we were essentially forced to do so via blackmail from the Liberals, NDP and the Quebec separatists. Also a fact is that such Keynesian (socialist, state spending of tax and borrowed-against-future-taxes dollars) spending isn't necessarily stimulatory for many reasons which we won't get into here (surely you can look into the reasons for yourself- Google and Yahoo! are your friends, after all, so do your own homework).

It's now up to the invisible hands of the economy itself, via natural, automatic cycling, and other nations of the world, to effect the recovery.

Yet just witness, in astonishment, the supposedly "conservative" (the Big Media would like you to believe such an absurd contention) Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff demand yet more of this deficit spending, despite the fact that Canada has already "pulled its weight" and that it's up to other nations to do their part in proportion, as many haven't. So why does Ignatieff want Canada to carry the weight of the rest of the world on her shoulders? Why not join the government in demanding that the rest of the world do its part, too, as it should've done in Iraq and Afghanistan and in some shockingly genocidal African nations and so on and so forth?

Really, Canada has been punching above her weight, like in Afghanistan. And we've already done our part to blow those "stimulus" billions being demanded by unhinged Leftist loons like Ignatieff et al.

But it shouldn't come as any shock that Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff wants to deficit-spend Canada onto the road to bankruptcy or at least hopelessly crippling debtload and interest payments, which would seriously hamper our country's ability to carry on into the future with the same quality of life we've been enjoying (or suffering from, depending on what specific stuff we're talking about). After all, Iggy is a big, big, BIG worshipper of the out-of-control-with-deficit-spending President Obama. And he clearly wants to copy the object of his irrational, damned-nearly-crush-like infatuation.

Just watch for Iggy to back off (like he's already backed off on the $3 billion specifics demand he had previously made) on his bluster for more billions in borrowed bucks being blown to impress beloved Barack.

After all, you know, when your muscles are sore, busted up at the cellular level and in need of recovery and repair from a very serious, hardcore workout at the gym, you can only recover as fast as possible, and no faster. So no matter how much excess protein you take in, it simply won't speed up the recovery process, nor will it promote new growth, any more. Do what you need to do and leave it at that, let the natural, automatic processes do their part. And be patient. And don't go crazy-insane and resort to the steriods, like Obama apparently has with his dangerously extreme deficit spending of trillions, mostly on partisan-oriented pork and on furthering his puppetmasters' and allied special-interests' radically extreme, socially-reengineering agenda. After all, steroids actually cause far more, and much more serious, problems than they seem to (temporarily, at best) solve, we know full well. Like they'll cause America's balls to shrink permanently and cause lost mojo/impotence in the long term. They're also known to raise the risk of premature death. Just like Obama's (and Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff's) communist policies!

Just say no to the dangerously destructive economic steroid of extreme deficit spending and communism! Yes, it makes an economy big for a while, but it cannot be sustained, as we've seen with the Soviet Union. It is the ultimate undoing of giants who took destructive shortcuts due to impatience and desire for the most short-term gains possible, damn the consequences!

Whatever happened to the tried-and-true philosophy of "tightening one's belt for awhile"? Dammit, we've been manipulated into believing that we must become radically extreme, out-of-control, machine-shotgun-scattering spenders without regard to long-run consequences, just for the sake of, what? Look, the jobs are still being lost all over the place, every day, and the spending craziness isn't stopping it from happening, nor can we necessarily expect it to stop the ultimate, and obviously very, very probable, undoing of such huge employers as General Motors...

Everyone needs to understand that, yes, it's OK to tighten the belt a bit and do with less, perhaps even necessarily living in a rather monastic way for a time. It's often a part of life, for most people, save for the lucky few who have so much money and stuff that a recession can't bother them.

This panic situation is unacceptable. It's time to put the brakes on the wasteful so-called "stimulus" spending, especially the earmarked-for-pork-barreling-and-for-massive-new-state-institutions-and-programs-like-mandatory-civilian-service-to-the-state, trillions and trillions of borrowed-against-future-taxpayer-confiscations, of Barack Hussein Obama acting on behalf of his powerful, shadowy, radical-agenda-pushing puppetmasters.