Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Iggy Issues New Big Bluff For MORE Billions In Deficit Spending


I hope Ignatieff keeps on making those faces. Without them, I'd have a harder time finding ways to illustrate his mental condition...

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ht: National Newswatch

So, hot on the heels of his total backdown on his most recent "I'll force an election" bluff just yesterday, Liberal Leader-Perpetually-Unelected Michael Ignatieff is threatening to force an election if the government doesn't bring in yet another "stimulus" deficit spending program on top of the huge one they just brought in!

Iggy clearly wants to copy the totally out-of-control, completely inept Barack Hussein Obama in terms of spending as much money as possible to mortgage Canada's future as much as possible. What, is he trying to destroy Canada via bankruptcy just like his hero Obama?

Iggy claims that the danger is as bad as it could be and even claims he knows that it's likely to be something even worse than a recession.

(Of course, we could very well face something worse than a recession or even a friggin' depression. That's what I've been trying to say ever since I started blogging. For example, we could face an even bigger 9/11. We could face a whole new World War, with nukes this time! So on that point, I'll have to agree with the Professor, but disagree with his ideas of how to spend it, which are too vague, and would instead say we better put those billions into our Armed Forces instead, which would, of bloody course, be as stimulatory as anything else ever could be!)

However, didn't Iggy hear what his like-a-little-girl-gigglingly-beloved crush, the alleged stud-adonis,
Barack, seen here, tap-dancing, with his appropriately, incredibly swelled head,said just a little while ago?


Barack said that, actually, the economy has already showed signs of turnaround! If one can believe that (I don't, for I know when I'm being sold prettified, talked-up worthless crap), which I'm sure Iggy must, as he worships Obama, as does his incredibly-still-there attack clown Warren Kinsella, then one can believe that no further stimulus is needed for turnaround. Of course, such a belief requires that one be one of those weak-brained "Progressive" Liberal Leftists.

I note that Iggy is trying to sound smart, sound like he knows something. But I'd suggest that he actually closely study what the budget actually sets forth as specific spending plans.

I also note the richness of his suggestion of increasing post-secondary (university) funding, also remembering that he's a professor who probably wants to grease the palms of his cronies in the ivory towers and so on and so forth, plus increase the ability of those Leftist-dominated, intolerant of free thought, intolerant of free speech brainwashing factories to turn out more socialist zombies like himself and Obama. It's a rich suggestion because the Liberals, while last in power, didn't really do a bloody thing for the post-secondary institutions, merely making it easier for students to pay their way, without directly injecting funding into the institutions themselves. Now that someone else is in control of the spending levers, and there's a recession and a deficit, the Liberals have suddenly found religion on the post-secondary file. Too easy to call for, and too late, to believe in any sincerity on their part.

We don't need more university courses, I can confidently say. What we need to see is for universities to slash their fluff-courses and focus on the hard, non-dogmatic stuff like the sciences and technology, for it's these that will actually make the difference in the economy, not the "liberal arts" programs that just brainwash students with Far-Left lies and historical revisionism, not to mention programming illogical, discriminatory, equality-killing political-correctness fascism into young minds. Been there, resisted that, myself. Lucky to survive without turning into a zombie like Obama and Iggy. So any new money shall only go to hard-fact courses and needed infrastructure improvement, while cutting the crap, shrinking the number of courses required for a degree and shortening the length of time it takes to acquire one. It's too big, fat and inefficient with all the "liberal arts" crap, which even hard-science students are forced to suffer through and pay so dearly for!

I'd suggest that Iggy just quit being an idiot and quit making extravagant demands so quickly, and quit bluffing about forcing an election in the middle of a recession, an election we all know his party can't afford to fight, an election that could very well bankrupt the party, an election in which they oughtn't believe, from current favorable polls, that they could do any better this time around. Besides, just a bunch of weeks ago, the polls had the Conservatives at over 50% popularity, so I'd take the polls with a grain of salt no matter what they say. Plus the Conservatives, as well as the Big Liberal-Positive Media, have been giving Iggy a free ride, so it's no surprise the voters are confused into thinking Iggy's a good leader for some reason they cannot finger. Expect some Conservative inconvenient-truth-about-Iggy ads to come out before too long to totally eclipse the pathetic, pitiful YouTube Liberal anti-Tory videos and the newly-unleashed hardcore-porn website... oh, wait, actually, they named the "On Probation" site without doing their homework... didn't they think that it might be almost the same as, say, a hardcore porno site or even a, say, racist, hate-mongering site? See, these guys are suddenly amateurs who haven't a clue as to what they're doing! And they tell us they could be the government? Well, Americans bought the Big Lie that Obama and the Democrats would be at least competent, but compared to Bush, they're actually the worst administration in American history, and even make Mr. Bean look like a successful political genius...

Iggy, poor, poor, pitiful Iggy... Poor, poor, pitiful, corrupt, inept, amateur Liberal Party...

Heh. They dug their own grave while last in power. Can't seem to get that one foot unstuck from inside it...