Sunday, March 29, 2009

State Apparatus Won't Stop Bullies, So Parents Will

All he did was help his daughter because no one else would. What else could he do? No one else cared to do anything that would stop the continuing, regular hatred, contempt and violent torment; not the school, not the police, not the justice system, etc., etc...

Ok, now I'm fecking
pissed off. So... BEGIN RANT...

The schools, the police, the justice system, the Big Politically Correct Media, the legislatures and the supposedly caring, compassionate "Progressive" Liberal Leftist movement will not lift a finger to finally stop the hateful torment against innocent children by bad children.

Therefore, what shall be done?

There is ultimately, then, no choice, so one father dealt with the problem directly, all by himself.

The state apparatus, the Big Media, the Left and the political system refused to do anything, so they have only themselves to blame, so they must therefore let the father off the hook for doing what only he could do: Protect his daughter from a hateful tormentor who was being protected by the school and everyone else within the state appartus!

Why is it that the state apparatus is gung-ho about cracking down on other forms, that is, forms of hatred and tormenting that are deemed Politically Incorrect, like racism, sexual harrassment, disagreeing with/making fun of homosexuals and trannies, speaking the inconvenient, necessary truth about fundamentalist, supremacist, imperialist Muslims and illegal aliens and fraudulent refugee claimants, the list goes on...

... but couldn't care any less about taking a zero-tolerance approach to bullies, that is, say, "white" child bullies tormenting "white" child victims in schools or some other Non-Politically-Incorrect combination of hater-and-victim? Don't the rest of the People deserve equality? Or are they second-class citizens, after the first-class, favored, special groups so exalted by well-meaning-but-hurtfully-discriminatory "Progressives"?

Clarke has been in and out of meetings with the school's administration and even had a sit-down with the police to address his concerns. One of the teens involved has been suspended twice, once for lying in wait for his daughter and whipping a handful of coins at her head.


They've surrounded her, taunted her, called her a slut, blocked her way in the hallways -- the all too familiar scenario taking place in high schools everywhere. She is no shrinking violet and is quick to hurl back her own cutting insults when provoked, but inside, it's taking its toll. Her grades have plummeted, she's avoided going to class and her parents discovered a razor blade under her pillow.

But what finally set off her worried dad was a case of cyberbullying by a teen who hadn't been much involved in the school harassment, except that he is friends with his daughter's ex.


"You can do a lot of things to me but don't talk about my lady like that," he says, as he looks across at his wife Yvette in their kitchen. "I'm not trying to justify what I did but the bullying pushed me to the point that I'm fed up waiting for the school and the police to do something."

It's the state apparatus's fault for doing nothing. That includes the schools, the police, etc.

And I blame the "Progressive" movement, too, for focussing exclusively only on certain groups whilst leaving everyone else to fend for themselves. Only certain groups enjoy the caring and compassion of the powerful, results-oriented Hard-Left, its cronies in the Big Media, Leftist/Centrist politicians, etc... And if one isn't a member of one of these favored, special groups, one is on one's own, no matter what.


Now is the time for the state apparatus to stop discriminating on the basis of race, religion, etc... and start ensuring that all Canadians receive equal protection! It's wrong to only care about "minorities", "GLBTs", Muslims, etc... We must care about all people equally or else our society will be a failure and this failure will ultimately lead to significant consequences, and those who discriminate today will be responsible for whatever they may be.

You see, Heather Clarke suffered because she's "white", heterosexual, non-Muslim, you get the idea. In the eyes of the massive, powerful, racist, homo-normative, dhimmi "Progressive" Liberal Left which controls the entire state apparatus (save for the executive, that is, the federally-elected non-Leftist governing party of today), she is undeserving of their caring and compassion, as, after all, she's not a "minority", not a homosexual, not a Muslim... you get the idea. They, the "Progressives", just don't care about Heather because she's not "special" enough to them. They left her to fend for herself.

Does anyone think that if she was "special", like the GLBTs, the "minorities", the Muslims, that they'd have abandoned her to fend for herself against continuous, regular hatred, contempt and violence? I didn't think so. Oh, of course, one exception would be if she was a Muslim and her Muslim father was beating her up... We know full well that the "Progressives" don't care about women's rights when Islam is involved! We know.

I'm sick and tired of the racism and other forms of discrimination being arrogantly perpetuated by the Politically Correct Leftist-dominated state apparatus, including the schools. These people, these radical, brainwashed, closed-minded, intolerant Left-wing fascists, must be warned to stop their bigotry and start treating people as equals, else there will have to be serious legislative policy actions taken to reform the system in a radical manner, so they must take action now and clean up their own act if they want to keep their jobs. We can't have "Progressive" bigots and haters controlling and ruining some of our lives forever, so it must be made clear that anyone found to be hateful, racist, intolerant, mean-spirited, etc... must be let go from whatever employment they're currently enjoying... and this includes the hateful, rights-violating-with-impunity-and-arrogant-passion "Human Rights" Commissions!

In other words, if they continue to be hateful and discriminatory, then... FIRE. THEM. ALL.

It's not enough to simply obsess over stopping the badmouthing, etc., of homosexuals, Muslims, etc., like the "Progressive" movement obviously believes is all we need to do to have a "Just Society". We must crack down on bullying by anyone against anyone, regarless of whatever!

When will the gosh-darned "Progressive" movement ever get a fecking clue that they're a bunch of assholes causing problems rather than solving them? Bunch of hateful imbeciles who don't even know they're causing terrible problems for so many people! They must be re-educated!

Ok, then ...END RANT....

Don't worry; I'm perfectly cool, notwithstanding my quite strong language and small number of all-capitals passages, but, you know, sometimes we gotta rant against those gosh-darned poopheaded "Progressive" assholes who are screwing up society all the time and making our lives suck more and more and so on and so forth... We simply must not remain silent.

And those who would say that I can't say some of the above stuff, well, I'd ask them then, do they want George Galloway, the hateful anti-Semite, incitor of Islamic jihad-related assassination against his own Prime Minister and provider of huge bricks of cash (some $45,000, I understand) (seen doing so on TV!) to the hateful, murderous Hamas terrorist group? Are they the same people who stand with the hateful George Galloway and say, "Let him have his free speech rights"? Are they the same people who would file a complaint against me, for exercising MY free speech rights, with the "Human Rights" Commission so as to see me persecuted, jackbooted and lose my right to free speech and other rights, whereas they want George Galloway, a foreigner who is known to criminally, materially support terrorists and terrorism, to say anything and everything he wants, no matter how defamatorily false, hateful and contemptuous against whomever, no matter how violence-inciting it may be? Well? So, "Progressive" brain-numb fools, go ahead, make my day!

Crack down on all bullying. Period. That's the bottom line!