Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Murderous Islamic Supremacist Attacks Israel Supporter On Canadian Street

Do we want to have people like the scary guy above... going around on our Canadian streets, looking for people they hate, hacking at them with weapons such as the one he's brandishing?  Shouldn't we take them off the streets, especially when they're caught trying to kill people they hate?

UPDATE:  The Ottawa Citizen is on it... (ht: National Newswatch

(...) a group of about 10 men began yelling in English and Arabic that they were Zionists and Jews.


"One of them rolled down the window and said: 'I am the one who hit you, you f-----g Jew,' although I am not a Jew," Bergamini said. "Two guys came out of the car, and one of them tried to kick my roommate.

"One attacker said, 'Open the trunk,' and another guy pulled out a machete that glinted in the street lights. I yelled that they had weapons, and we started running as fast as we could. I saw the guy wind up with the machete as I looked back."

...with a machete.

On the street.  In Canada.  I didn't make this up.  Choose your Canada...

I ran, and as I looked back, I saw the long shiny blade slicing through the air about 12 inches from my neck. I ran as fast I could and, thanks to my grade 9 track and field training, got away.

People who were around the scene said the blade came within inches of my neck.

Now, the debate on campuses has reached the next level. In this country, people are no longer safe if they support Israel. But you know what? I will never take back my beliefs. I support Israel 100 per cent.

But I will say this. Some of the guys who tried to kill us are Carleton students and I recognize who they are. What is this country coming to?
This is a hate crime of epic proportions.

It's not one of those stupid, "perceived" "hate crimes", such as if some unusually paranoid, hypersensitive gay guy coming out of a gay bar had simply perceived "homophobia" simply by the hard-to-read look on some peoples' faces or something.

This is the REAL thing.  A Third-World, machete-armed, indubitably, obviously hate-motivated attack... IN CANADA.  Which proved ALMOST DEADLY.  Indeed, not only was it a hate crime, it was also attempted murder.

Wonder whether the Big Media will even care, seeing as the victimized party is Jewish and pro-Israel, neither of which the Big Media doesn't see as being worthy of state-apparatus protection as they believe other groups are.

Plus, the attacker was a hardcore, murderously violent, armed Islamic Supremacist.  Uh-oh... if people learn that there's actually Muslims out there on the street that are NOT "peaceful", that some are actually murderously hateful and very, very dangerous and a very real threat to everyone perceived to be Jewish/Israeli or at least supportive of Israel (like me)...  Uh-oh...

Does the Big Media want to go there?

Will the Leftist Opposition demand a crackdown on machetes, including a registry, and a crackdown on Judeophobia and Israelophobia?

Or will the Leftist Opposition just ignore the very seriously dangerous Islamic Supremacists out there and choose instead to scream and whine about Helena Guergis, proving themselves no more mature or professional than she'd been one day at some airport somewhere?

Is the Leftist Opposition going to look the other way on a hate crime that nearly caused death?  If they do, then that's the final nail in the coffin of the credibility and integrity of the Liberal Party of Canada, the NDP of Canada and the separatist Bloc Quebecois, none of whom are particularly Jew-friendly, nor Israel-positive.

And if they look the other way and remain silent beyond the obligatory lip service treatment, I'll use their obvious uncaringness and dhimmitude against them, in the future condemning them as "hateful" and so on and so forth.  And I'll be correct to do so.

Unless the Leftist Opposition goes to war against Islamic Supremacism, Judeophobia and Israelophobia, I will therefore permanently label them "hateful"!

Time to amend the "Hate Crimes" legislation.  AND directly order, backed up with the threat of being fired if they refuse, the "Human Rights" Commission, to target and summarily convict all suspected Islamic Supremacists with maximum prejudice, as they target certain other group members such as peaceful Christians who simply don't want other groups to impose upon them and violate their right to religious conscience.

Yes, there's a bit of sarcasm in that immediately-above paragraph.  But the HRC does discriminate, does target folks with maximum prejudice, and they DO convict summarily.  So why not use 'em to eradicate those horrible, dangerous Islamic Supremacists, like we so successfully marginalized those horrible, dangerous White Supremacists?  Ah, but do the "Human Rights" Commissars actually hate, as well as hating Christians, Jews and Israelis and their supporters that much so as to wish upon them the sort of extreme hatred and violence as happened recently?

Of course, it's something for the police to deal with as well.  Hope they don't hold back just 'cause the assailant(s) are specially-exempt Muslims.

I demand consequences for the Islamic Supremacists involved.  Nothing short of a lengthy jail sentence will satisfy me.  And, yes, definitely use the "hate crimes" legislation to give 'em an especially long sentence.  And I want to see a real judge presiding who won't wrongly think, "oh, but they're Muslims, so it's understandable, 'cause they're supposedly persecuted themselves" or something like that.

Yes, I want to see the involved Islamic Supremacists behind bars.  Right beside the Neo-Nazis and the White Supremacists and the Skinheads and all those pieces of crap.  No difference between 'em... they're all the same!

According to the victim, the Big Media is supposedly "working on" covering the incident.  I hope they don't pull any punches just because the attackers are oh-so-specially-protected, "peaceful Muslims".  It's time for the Big Media to open their eyes and see that, no, NOT ALL Muslims are "peaceful", and that there's plenty out there that are so hateful and violent as to be a serious threat, perhaps eclipsing the perceived threat from any of the few remaining White Supremacists whom our society has (rightly) long since effectively marginalized, including (wrongly, of course) even taking their rights away via the HRCs.

Yea.  Kitty is pissed and hissing, with fur blazing like crazy.  Kitty wants to see the state apparatus spring to appropriate action against the filthy, horrible, murderously hateful jihadis!  Pull no punches and throw the book at 'em!


Posters like the following (advertising "Israeli Apartheid Week", which is nothing but a hate-propaganda event put on by Leftist Neo-Nazis)... could they have had a part in fomenting hatred and contempt... and almost murder... against Jews and Israelis in Canada?  Is the following "hate propaganda"?  I say yes, because it's defamatory, inflammatory, incendiary and inciteful.  This poster can do no good.  If it was aimed instead at "Palestine", we know that the Left and the Big Media would be telling us that it was a "hate crime" to make and display such a poster.  And it would be blamed for any reported attacks of any kind, including verbal, against any Muslims.

A poster like that... it's in the tradition of Josef Goebbels.  It's based on the Big Lie, which is still, after all these decades, being told.  They figure, hey, get Israel, and you get Jewry.


I also want to see the following man, Warren Kinsella, the self-fancied "expert" guy who wrote the book on hateful-supremacist folks in Canada and who dubiously claims to be an "anti-hate" crusader, go after Islamic Supremacists, just like he goes after unseen White Supremacists and "Aryan" Neo-Nazis, including, infamously, in toilet stalls...

So, Warren Baby... go get 'em!!!


Jen said...

They hate Jews, then they must hate God because the Jews are His chosen people. And anyone who takes aim at ridding the Jews from the 'face of the earth' or hurt them will face the 'WRATH FROM GOD.' It is as simple as that.

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