Tuesday, April 06, 2010

NOW What's The Point Of Staying There?

Afghan Prez Karzai: Maybe I'll join Taliban

Ok, then... if that's his attitude... if he insists on being as horrible as the Taliban without being one, and if we don't let him, that he'll become a Taliban, then what's the point of continuing on in Afghanistan?

Ah, but for Canada, the point is moot anyway, as we're going home in '11.

Now it's going to be the problem, mostly, of Obama and Brown (or whoever replaces that dummy after next month's British election).

After all, we're there to get rid of the horrifically evil ideology of the Taliban, not maintain it!


Teresa said...

Well, if Karzai wants to play dirty, I say lets pull our troops out of Afghanistan and blow these a$$wipes to smithereens. At least then, we won't have to worry about that portion of our enemy anymore. I know that would never happen because we have a peacenik moron living in the White House now.

Jen said...

CS, From David Rutherford show today might interest you especially at 11:30am, when he interview a reporter who already interviewed KARZAI.


Audio vault:

Balbulican said...

So you are advocating a withdrawal from Afghanistan because military intervention cannot, in effect, implement actual social transformation of a culture.

Gee, Scenty, congratulations.

You've finally understood what we've been saying for eight years.

Better late than never, I guess.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Balbulican, please refer to my reasoning.

Like I mentioned, if, politically, we're going to simply let Afghanistan remain Islamic-Supremacist and backwards, without human rights, without gender equality, without a progressive economy, what's the point, then?

With all the money and lives we've already invested, we should exert our earned right to colonize, as a Free World coalition, Afghanistan. But if we're just going to end up throwing it all away, then let's all go home right now and let Karzai deal with the situation HIS WAY, without our money, without our sacrificed lives. Let him be on his own to do it HIS WAY. Screw him, the ungrateful old poop.

And should they send any more nine-eleveners our way, then we can just send a whole bunch of armed drones to punish 'em all over again, quicker, cheaper, none of our peoples' lives lost, other than those lost thanks to the second-wave nine-eleveners.

From now on, just bomb the shit out of countries that attack the Free World, and go home. This, I prefer.

Yourself? Of course, you'd rather we never retaliated at all, I bet, letting the bastards off the hook, pretty much. And that's not a safe option, in my view, ultimately, as it only emboldens our enemies, if one understands fundamental evildoer psychology.

Balbulican said...

Scenty, in 2002 I wrote that wasting Canadian lives in Afghanistan was like painting a maple leaf in blood on the sand. I said we would not be able to tranform the country.

I was right.

You were wrong, and our men and women died.

That's all.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Too simplistic, Balbulican. You can't just say you were right and I was wrong. Again, I direct your attention to my explanation and reasoning for changing my mind (above).

In short...

I believed we would be doing the right thing, but, ultimately, politics became such that we really aren't, ie. we're letting Islamic Supremacism keep Afghanistan down, rather than destroying the destructive, inhumane, evil ideology, which is a bastardization of real Islam, such as that preferred by those who seek to reform Islam to put an end to the evil, inhuman interpretations and manifestations thereof.

Now, do you agree that Obama, in continuing the wrong political policies whilst waging the wars Bush started, plus the one in Pakistan which Obama himself started, that he's wrong? Will you agree that Obama's wrong, and that he's everything bad that you and other Leftists called Bush? I dare you to respond to this... I dare you to bash Obama like you bashed Bush!

Balbulican said...

So - I predicted the outcome, and you blew it. Our troops died.

Nice rationalization.


Teresa said...

In fact you are the person not being consistent since you failed to call out Obama on his continuation and expansion of Bush's war policies.

Does war only matter to you when you get the chance to hound a Republican President? Or are you really against wars under ALL Presidents?

Karzai was working jointly with the United States to stop both Taliban and al-Qaeda under the Bush administration. But, now Karzai is not cooperating with the obama administration so there is a different scenario as to reasons why we should withdraw from Afghanistan now, but not before now.

We should not allow Muslim terrorists attack us and do nothing as if everything was A-Okay, when it clearly wasn't. The actions taken by al-Qaeda that took the lives of 3000 civilians on 9/11 were abhorrent. We cannot just allow people to get away with that and go unpunished. This was a matter of national defense (safety of Americans) and Bush could not just sit idly by like we were/are living in some peaceful utopian fantasy land when we aren't. There were Muslim extremists out to kill innocents. Al-Qaeda brought the war to America that day and the Taliban in Afghnaistan was covering up for al-Qaeda and helping them hide, and we had an obligation to be on the offensive and kill the terrorists instead of being on the defensive.

Canadian Sentinel said...

What Teresa said.

Also, Balbulican, really, predicting that soldiers will die in a war... well, that's hardly an impressive prediction. It's common knowledge. Like, duh. Of COURSE lives are lost in wars, on both sides. Duh.