Monday, April 05, 2010

Oblahma Babbles Like Castro... Again

 That's socialist dictator Fidel Castro.
I just thought his mug appropriate for this post.
For comparison with Barack Hussein Obama.
After all, they both talk too much!

Here he goes again... and again... and again.  Hope the audience had coffee readily available!

Over seventeen gosh-darned minutes to respond to someone's demand as to why Obama and the 'crats are making Americans pay even more tax... via the ObamaCare legislation recently imposed.

And many (short-attention-spanned) people tell me I "go on and on" when I say more than two or three words?

Sheesh!  It's not like I'd need seventeen minutes to honestly answer a simple question.

But then again, Obama doesn't have a reputation for honestly answering questions.  When he does answer any, that is, which is extremely rare.

The devil is in the details (thousands of pages' worth).  But Obama pretty much denies the devil exists and proceeds to make up fantasies, such as the fantasy that ObamaCare is good, needed, and won't take more money away from Americans than is already being taken from them.

In other words, it took the man seventeen minutes to tell a lie.  Usually Leftists like Oblahma tell their lies in as few words as they can.  Hence the need to mention this particular lie.

Well, in 2012, Americans will finally have an opportunity to vote the bum out of office.  Unless the bum goes all totalitarian on their asses and bans elections, which I'm sure he wouldn't dare, unless he wants to cause a brand-new civil war in America.

Harsh words?  Sure.  But harsher stuff was said about Bush.  So fair's fair.  Shoe's on the other foot now!


Jen said...

And did the 'big useless media' come to this lady's aid when she asked a simple question-not on your life.

STERN, one of OBAMA's pals is asking advertisers to stop promoting Glenn Beck.

I guess the fear of the truth from Glenn is rubbing deep into the OBAMA's administration.

A lot of STATES are planning to take OBAMA to court over this Health Care thing.

Listen to David Rutherford on this:10:30 US states unite to fight the Obama Administration.

go to 34:55 mark to hear David.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Clearly, the Obamacrats are more obsessed with propaganda ops than with restoring the US economy and private-sector jobs in a sustainable way.

No wonder the US economy, particularly the private sector, continues to slump. The Obamacrats just don't care about it. They only care about building the state apparatus, with jobs that pay way too much and offer gold-plated benefits, all paid for by the already-squeezed-to-the-max American Taxpayer, most of whom don't enjoy the luxuries of being a state apparatchik.

The more state apparatchiks there are, the more guaranteed votes the Obamacrats will have. Then there's the plot to legalize all those millions of illegal aliens, enabling them to vote. Who, then, will they vote for? Yep. Duh. A clever way to cheat one's way to an undeserved second victory.