Saturday, February 06, 2010

Saddamite WMD Discovered In Iraq

Story here.

You know, I never had any doubt that Saddan had Weapons of Mass Destruction.

I mean, what kind of delusional moron would believe that someone like Saddam didn't?

It's like believing that Hitler didn't, either, or wasn't trying to get 'em.

It looks like a cruise missile.  Design appears very Soviet, resembling some kind of a Mikoyan creation, somewhat resembling a much smaller MiG-21 Fishbed.

Isn't it funny how we're told that we HAVE to believe such things as we're destroying the world by emitting carbon dioxide, which is a natural, life-essential gas?  Isn't it also funny that we're told that we MUST believe that Barack Hussein Obama meets the Eligibility Requirements of the US Constitution to hold the Office of the President, even though we've been shown no valid evidence, other than hoaxes and frauds, one way and the other?

Funny how we're told to believe one thing or another, just because some powerful folks want us to.

Sometimes they're right, and sometimes they're lying to manipulate us en masse.

I always knew that George W. Bush was right.  Of COURSE one of history's most warring, most imperialist, most massively-destructive and deadly figures, ie. Saddam Hussein, WOULD have WMDs or definitely WOULD be developing them, or negotiating their purchase from, another evil regime who has the capability to produce them en masse.  Not only that, Saddam wasn't living up to his promises to the "International Community" to allow for proof of no-WMDs.  Whilst he was shipping 'em out to Syria or wherever, and hiding them at home, if the Weapons Inspectors got too close to them, they'd be denied access.  So...

That's why I was onside.  Letting Saddam get away with it would've sent the wrong message.  As the wrong message is being sent to Iran today.  When oppressive tyrants know they can do whatever they want... they WILL.  Besides, Iran promised, repeatedly, to use them.

President Bush had learned the lessons of History, and he was determined not to have to repeat them.  Only problem was Rumsfeld's idea of how to execute the regime change.  Should've had a bigger, faster-acting invasion in the first place, and get 'er done, etc.  Should've really just destroyed the threats and destabilized the post-Baathist regime to let the cards fall where they may, and monitor, ever-ready to meet any new threat.  That's what I'd have done.

And that's why I'll be onside with anyone (including even Barack Hussein Obama) who dares to remove (or facilitate the removal of, via the Iranian People) the current regime in Iran, too.  After all, who in their right mind doesn't believe that Iran doesn't, or won't, have WMDs, including nulear ICBMs?  I will wholeheartedly stand with anyone who destroys Iran's WMD, nuclear and warmaking capabilities.

It continues to pain me as to how utterly out of touch with the world the average person is.  They definitely exist in a perceptual box and are too terrified to leave its confines.  They continue to be blissful in their ignorance.  Their faith is really ignorance, and their faith's rituals are just hanging out and babbling with drunken buddies about nothing of consequence.  Sure, it's "fun" sometimes, but some of us, well, we just feel like we're wasting our lives doing little of consequence beyond being blissfully ignorant.  Some patriots we are.  We say we care, but we don't.  It's pathetic, and the Enemy knows all about our terrible lack of situation awareness, etc., and is counting on the same happening with our political leaders and with the Big Old Media, so as to render us sitting ducks for when they plan to invade (and this time they plan to invade only when they're sure they can win, as in the case of China).


Jen said...

I guess GWB will get solace knowing that he was right all along.
Salim Mansun a reporter for the PTBC has spoken(written) highly of GWB.

I wonder what Gordon Powell has to say now?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Do you mean Colin Powell, the ex-Joint Chiefs bigwig guy who came out of the Obama-Worshippers' closet?

Anonymous said...

Hm, if this is the WMD, then why aren't soldiers in the pics wearing hazmat suits? They don't seem to be afraid of toxins or gas or explosives or anything like that.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Dunno. I'm no more an expert than you. Perhaps the hazmat guys were already there and gave it the all-clear for chem or bio contamination, and whatever. Perhaps the pix we're seeing are post-checked-it-out, ie. for publication in the newsmedia.

Perhaps it was an empty warhead. Also, it's suggested in the article that it was a mock-up.

Nevertheless, only a crackpot would believe that someone like Saddam wouldn't have had WMDs. Only a crank. A weirdo. A conspiracy theorist pointing a finger at Bush and stuff...

Hope you're not one of those No-WMD-ers... ;)

Those who are convinced that a monster like Saddam wouldn't have had WMDs (he said he did, for one thing), already having scud missiles, lethal warplanes, etc... well, are just like the folks who believed that Hitler wasn't a threat to the world.

Only fools who never learned History would err on the side of sitting-duck suicidality.

Always On Watch said...

I'm of the opinion that Saddam did propagandize and brag about his capabilities with WMD's.

That said, I also believe that weapons were (1) well hidden and (2) smuggled out.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Yes, they were well-hidden (in the places the inspectors were forbidden to go), and mostly, as I understand, smuggled to the fellow-Baathist Syria.

Canadian Sentinel said...

And, given that Saddam "confessed" that he did have WMDs, then there's our probable cause to neutralize that imminent threat.

Bush's willingness to take a stand terrified the Free World's enemies into backing down. Even the greasy-haired Libyan drag queen dude decided to "be good" and abandon terrorism, although now that the submissively-bowing-to-evildoing-enemies BHO is (supposedly) US President, Quadaffi has once again gone nasty...

The only thing keeping the Axis of Evil at bay is America's (and even better, plus the rest of the Free World's) willingness to fight, fight, fight and conquer the evil regimes who enslave the Non-Free World and, no question about it, desire to take over the Free World for their own selfish, supremacist purposes.

Nothing wrong with "imposing" freedom, democracy, the rule of manmade law and human rights, is there? The Left at home is always stealthily imposing, against our democratic will, stuff onto us, pretending that it's the same good stuff as above-mentioned, so who are the Left to complain if we seek to remove tyrants and oppressors, liberating the world's peoples and bringing liberty and democracy to them?

"Who are we to impose...", the Left says.

Well, I say to them, "Who are YOU and who are THEY to impose..."!

Enkidu said...

They wanted a bigger and faster action, they couldn't pull it off. Like Rumsfeld said, you fight with what you have, not with what you wish you had. If Turkey had allowed passage of American troops...if...if...(if wishes were fishes, beggars would complain about having to eat seafood all the time.)

Re regime change in Iran, I don't think Barry O! will ever sanction any action in that regard. He constantly shows Himself to be a steadfast ally to every foe of the American values of personal freedom and liberty.

Christinewjc said...

I love this blog! I find out so much more important and good information that the Media of Mass Deception doesn't cover here in the U.S.

Today, I took some time to actually read a newspaper before checking the blogs. Not one word about the Iraq missile find in the paper! No wonder I don't usually read them anymore!

Not only does Iran need a regime change (that ObaMao refuses to sanction or threaten in any meaningful way) but here in America we also need a regime change! Obama also refuses to support the people in Iran who want freedom from the Islamo-fascists running the country. No surprise in that. Obambi has already stated that he would "side with the Muslims" when dealing with conflicts. What is wrong with this picture??? PLENTY!

I hope Sarah Palin runs for president in 2012. I read her book and she has FAR more experience in government and excellent ideas (conservative, fiscally responsible, low taxes, energy independence, small business job creation, pro-capitalism, War on Terror strength, pro Constitutional Republic, of course) than the Marxist ObamaFraud ever had!

Canadian Sentinel said...

I see you've read "Media Revolution", Christine. The book uses the term "Media of Mass Deception", I recall...

And thank you for the compliment. :)

Christinewjc said...

Yes! I did read that book and ever since, I have used that more accurate description of the Lamestream American Media! Hope it catches on with more bloggers.

You are welcome for the compliments. Your writing deserves it!

Keep up the great work!

Canadian Sentinel said...

A very good book. Excellent reading to follow Kupelian's "The Marketing of Evil", which is, no matter how situation-aware one already is, always mind-blowing and perception-transforming. Made a big difference for me, as It exposed stuff I didn't know already, and which I've confirmed to be true in my own research and observations.

I love buying books from ShopNetDaily. Especially when the Canabuck briefly towers over the Greenback and especially as there's no sales tax when buying from the US via the internet! Besides, the local bookstores- I go there, and they pretty much have NOTHING conservative! They're crazy not to have even Ann Coulter (they rarely do), as it's the conservative books that sell the best and make booksellers much more money... Plus the local bookstores are becoming an anachronism, too expensive due to the hefty markups they've got to do just to pay their leases and the salaries and such... lucky if they ever make any profit. If they don't smarten up, well, they can follow the likes of Time-Warner, Newsweek, NYT, etc...

If only the Big Old Media (what I call it, though "Mass Deception" is more appropriately descriptive, even though the MMD's power to deceive is fast waning, as it's now buried chin-deep in its own Kryptonite) would tell the People what's what, well, just visualize how radically different and reality-respecting society would be! People would be much more accurately situation aware, even if they were still lazy-minded!

I featured the beginning of your comment just under my masthead, including the words "MMD". Great attention-getter and goes great with the others. Those who don't know that ordinary folks with websites are now often at least as good as (and frequently better than) the big-bucks newspeople, it'll stir them a little more awake and make them want to see what it's all about.

You keep up your great work, too! :)

Anonymous said...

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