Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Newf Prem Didn't Want To Wait, Went To US For Timely Healthcare

He could've gotten it done right here in Canada.
Brian Day, a past president of the Canadian Medical Association, said he doesn't begrudge Mr. Williams for paying for care, but wants more private-sector incentives in Canada's health-care system to eradicate waitlists. “It was urgent enough for [Mr. Williams] to be worried about it and if you're worried about [health] you should have the right to do something about it.”
 It's terrible that we're forbidden by law to be in charge of our choices, of our bodies.

Why is it that we have a supposed "right to choose" only if we're women and we're contemplating infanticide?

Why doesn't everyone have a "right to choose"?  Why does one have to be filthy rich like Danny Millions so as to have choice?

Why can't we have a private-sector option and the right to buy our own private health insurance?

Why are we denied these freedoms, these obvious, if hated-by-socialists, human rights?

See, socialism is inhuman and mean-spirited.  Socialists don't care if people needlessly suffer die, so long as everyone's "equal" under socialist law.

To impose only socialized medicine, and to deny our rights and freedoms to be in control of our own lives... is unconstitutional.  Somebody bring it before the Supreme Court... please!


Peyton W-L said...

Mm. As interesting as it is to hear a Canadian view about health care in America it's not much better. At least you have insurance. Besides if you want to talk about having your health being controlled than there's no better consultant for that than the average American health provider. My family and I have many health problems such as Fibromyalgya, arthritis(spelling?), lots of allergies, and liver failures. Since these illnesses have come about our price of insurance has sky rocketed. Beginning this year my family has to pay a $4,800 deductible before our health can be payed for. 'Generously' after we pay that they will cover %15 from then on. Talk about human rights. The fact is, whether you get insurance from the government or private businesses (which are extremely expensive without a job) your going to get screwed over. Sadly as it is I don't think people can fix that by going anti-social. Besides if we don't like the new health plan all we have to do is nag our government until they get it right.It is nice though to have an outsiders opinion.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Got to look at observable evidence, facts, etc..., and analyse it all independently, unfettered by propaganda, etc.

To have a purely socialised system is NOT, I'm sorry to say, an option, and a BALANCED system is the way to go.

I just don't see that being proposed by the Democrats as making things any better. They're just trying to mess around and reengineer according to ideologist doctrine, and I doubt that outcomes would improve at all.

I've seen how the socialist system fails to save lives... first-hand... I have no doubt. It's simply ultimately unworkable.

And we don't have "insurance". If we did have real insurance, we'd have timely access to critical care, but that's illegal in the name of "equality".

In Canada, all, except those who can afford to go to America, are equally oppressed and tortured by the system.

All we're saying is "Let us have the freedom, the right, to choose, howsoever we wish... right here at home.".

I believe that freedom and a better, balanced system for everyone is more important than "equality", especially since this "equality" is deadly, as I know very painfully well.