Thursday, September 10, 2009

Spies, Liberals, The CBC And Videotape

Ah. So the Liberals are turning to espionage and the CBC is playing their silly, desperate game to conspire with them and attempt, with laughable failure, to make the Conservatives and PM Harper sound "scary" or something. Like, AGAIN. Like, "we didn't make this up"... choose your Canada. Remember that funny crap?

This silliness is to be expected of the Canadian Hard Left, after all. Remember, they're just like the Obama-Democrat Regime and their operatives. And the American Left-Controlled Approved Media, who also love to attack folks like Sarah Palin whilst ignoring negative stuff about Obama and other neo-Commies.

Yawwwwn. Wake me when they come up with something damaging. I'm just rolling my eyes at their laughable, amateurish attempt at professional partisan combat.

Sounds like the Prince of Darkness (Ignatieff's handpicked propaganda/blackops/brownshirted partisan attack clown who's reportedly running the Liberal War Room) might've had something to do with it. It's sooooo him. After all, he's lost it, and, as the link makes obvious, he's already got the video up on his blog, where he's got a doctored, ultra-partisan attack version of the tape. Yeah, Warren, real devastating. Shows that Harper eats kitties for breakfast and all that crap. Scary man! Aaaahhhh!

David Akin has his own take. He lets folks decide about the supposed "negative" stuff for themselves.

Yep. Akin reports. You decide. He transcribes:

The thing I’m most proud of as a government - instead of constantly asking our Canadian Forces to do more with less, we have given them the equipment they need and the respect they deserve. I just ask you for a moment to imagine how different things would be if the Liberals were still in power. Imagine the bloated bureaucracy they would have created and not have delivered a single-child care space. Imagine how many left-wing ideologues they would be putting in the courts, federal institutions, agencies, the Senate - I should say, how many more they would be putting in. Imagine the damage Mr. Ignatieff’s carbon tax would be doing to our economy in the middle of a global recession. We have come forward with our Economic Action Plan. It’s one of the largest-scale stimulus measures in the world. We’re delivering it in a rapid way but our spending friends is temporary. The opposition has been clear: We should be spending a lot more and we should make that spending permanent. And they have said -- and I know Mr. Ignatieff’s trying to change his tune ... they have said repeatedly they would raise taxes to pay for their permanent spending and that is one biggest reasons this government needs to be re-elected so that when the recession is over we can keep taxes going down in this country.

That will be the choice. I hear rumours, these days, we may be going to an election. The next election will be a choice between higher spending and higher taxes or it will be a choice between a balanced budget and keeping taxes doing down. It will be a choice between cracking down on crime or returning to soft-on-crime policies. But most of all - it will be a choice between having a conservative government and not having a conservative government. And let me be clear about this: We need to win a majority in the next election campaign. I’m not just saying because we need a few more seats. We saw what happened last year. Do not be fooled for a moment. If we do not get a majority, the Liberals, the NDP and the Bloc Quebecois will combine and they will form a government. They will deny this till they’re blue in the face in an election campaign but I guarantee you if we do not win a majority, this country will have a Liberal government propped up by the socialists and the separatists. That government may not last very long but every day it’s in office it will do long-term real-damage to this country. This country cannot afford a government like that. If they force us to the polls, we have to teach them a lesson and get back there with a majority and make sure their little coalition never happens.

Oh, yeah. Such horrific awful stuff spewing from the scary monster's gaping maw. Ahhhhh!

Really. I LOVE the speech. Besides, the Liberals in Canada and the Democrats in the US say far worse stuff IN PUBLIC and they have their words spun positively in the Big Media so as to help them bash the other guys.

Really. The speech isn't devastating.

Besides, what about all those inconveniently-devastating speeches and writings that Michael Ignatieff has made? How come the Big Media didn't tell us about those things? They were obviously made privy to their existence and ignored them. It actually took the Conservatives, millions of donor dollars and TV ads to tell the Canadian People about what a scary man Michael Ignatieff, using his own undoctored words, really is, and of whom the dishonest, hypocritical, massively bigoted Warren Kinsella approves.

Anyway, here's what appears to be an undoctored (as opposed to Kinsella's spin-doctored offering) video courtesy of the CBC, courtesy of, of course, the Liberals, who can always count on their propaganda arm.

You can judge for yourself as opposed to letting the Big Media and the Big Poopy-Bum Crybaby (Warren "I See Nazis In Bathroom Stalls" Kinsella) tell you to think.

Ignatieff and Kinsella. They'll make fools of themselves and help the Harper Conservatives win big-time.

They're actually giving us free advertising! Suckers!

Keep it coming, chumps!