Thursday, September 10, 2009

Smells Like Dictatorship To Me

This does.

In a letter dated Aug. 11, the U.S. Transportation Department directed Air Canada to cancel all of its season-long sports charters, citing concern about "cabotage," or the prohibited carriage of passengers or cargo by a foreign airline solely between points in the U.S., according to the lawsuit filed in federal court in Washington.


"It is wreaking havoc on the hockey season, may damage the National Basketball Association season, and exposes Air Canada to claims from its customers," the airline said in court documents filed Wednesday. "Air Canada seeks a declaration vacating this directive and requests relief in time to salvage at least part of the upcoming sports season."

Sheesh. What's the matter with the Obama-Democrat Regime? They hate hockey? Or are they just stupid?

Whichever it is, it may well turn more Canadians against Obama, especially Canadians who like hockey. By the way, Prime Minister Stephen Harper likes hockey, so this is a dumb move for Dictator Obama, who probably thinks "hockey" means to avoid going to class ("hooky"), which I suspect he did a lot.

Real Americans won't submit to Xerxes... er... Obama. Americans will yell boldly into his face,

"This is Americaaaaa!"