Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Leftist State Apparatus Imposes On Christians, Homeschoolers Again

Story here.

Let's get this straight.

This isn't about "exposing kids to other views".

This is about telling Christians that their beliefs are invalid and forcing them to suffer the indignity of having people say offensive secular, atheist things in their presence.

Since when does a non-custodial parent get to dictate as to whether the child goes to a government-indoctrination center or can be homeschooled?

Really, forcing the girl to go to government school isn't something the courts can do under this circumstance, because it infringes on the constitutional rights of the child and the right of her custodial parent to decide how to raise and educate her.

If you're a parent, how would you like being told how to raise your children?

Hey, if you're an atheist, Far-Leftist parent, how'd you like having me tell you how to raise your children, ie. you gotta have 'em learn about Jesus, learn to be nice to devout, conservative JudeoChristians, learn to accept Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state and defend herself from attackers who hate Jews? Oh, and to learn that capitalism is good and socialism is bad and hatefully evil?

If you're a gay parent, would you want me telling you how to raise your children (ie. they must be exposed to non-gay-endorsing Christian theology and be required to understand it, plus to violently-gay-hostile Koranic indoctrination)?

If you're a Muslim parent who homeschools and teaches Islam to your kids, do you want the government to take your kids away and put 'em into an indoctrination program that teaches them about homosexuality and that fellatio, cunnilingus and anal abuse are ok, fun, safe, productive and all that crap? And heaven forbid they be exposed to pictures of pigs in the curricula! Oh, and public schools have maps which show Israel but which don't show "Palestine", so can't have that. Guess you'd have to wage jihad against the hateful, Islamophobic judge, then...